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The Visitation of God

by Austin Bourke

Edited by: Cormac O Grada

Publication Date: 1 January 1983

The dramatic failure of the potato crop in mid-19th century Europe caused widespread hunger and distress. In Ireland the impact was probably the greatest, where a million people died and many more emigrated. In this book, Austin Bourke seeks to explain how, from being welcomed originally as a protection against hunger, the potato became the very emblem of famine.

The text brings together the author’s papers, essays and research spanning a 30-year period. It places the onset of potato blight in its European and American context and reconsiders the role of English ministers and their attempt to stem the disaster.

Written by Austin Bourke. Edited by Jacqueline Hill and Cormac Ó Gráda.

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Publication Date

1 January 1983