Part-Time Writer: Notes & Reflections


“I can’t imagine a more sensible and useful guide for the would-be writer, part-time or not” – from the Foreword by Diana Athill

Part-time Writer guides the reader through all aspects of writing – from the embryonic stages of researching and planning, to the hard slog of the writing and editing, through to the presentation of the manuscript, and finally, approaching agents and publishers. At each stage, the author explains how she did it – and how the reader can do it too.

* How can I write engaging dialogue?

* What can I do to make my characters ‘live’ on the page?

* Must I always ‘show and not tell’?

* How can I transform a hobby into a book?

* When is the right time to show my work to others?

* How should I present my manuscript?

* Do I need an agent?

* Should I self-publish?

* Where can I find the time to write a novel?

In her inimitable style, Marjorie Quarton merges literary memoir, anecdotes and straight talking to provide invaluable insights into the realities of being a writer, while offering indispensable advice on the trade, making this book a must-have for any aspiring author.

MARJORIE QUARTON, née Smethwick, was born in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary in 1930 and educated in Dublin. Her novels include Renegade (1991), Corporal Jack (1988) and No Harp Like My Own (1987). She has written short stories, children’s books and standard works on border collies and other animals. Her memoir Breakfast the Night Before was published by Lilliput in 2000.

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