Healing with Theatre

By: Gavin Quinn

Publication Date: July 2005


Over the period of a year Gavin Quinn visited the private homes of 100 actors and asked them to try and answer the question: Why do you think you became an actor?

Each response was filmed and recorded. He then subsequently photographed each of them. The result is this book. This book tells the story of these one hundred actors: one hundred illuminating answers to a simple question. In ONE the actor talks to the reader from the stillness of their portrait within their own environments. The book is one element of a large-scale performance project created and conceived by Pan Pan, involving 100 actors, 100 rooms and 100 audience members in a specially designed structure designed by the sculptor Andrew Clancy.

Subtitled Healing with Theatre, this one on one meeting is enabled by an outflow of energy from actor to audience through this intimate setting, so that we become in a sense healed by the experience. In the live performance and the film version of ONE the audience meets the performer one to one, in much the same way as we discover each actor as we turn the pages of this book.

Overall, ONE is an arena of creativity where the audience and artist interact, providing a special way for art and performance to be experienced and looked at. It is an aesthetic encounter made concrete for both actor and audience: multifaceted, personal, bodily and intellectually illuminating.

This book will appeal to all interested in the theatre, photography and fine books. As the total print-run for the publication will be 600 – 26 copies numbered A – Z and 574 other numbered copies – it is envisaged that the book shall sell out quickly.

‘[One] has yielded a hefty but beautifully designed book and now culminates in a gargantuan-scale live performance in which 100 actors perform for 100 audience members in 100 specially constructed rooms.’ – Peter Crawley, The Irish Times


GAVIN QUINN, a graduate of TCD, is Artistic Director of the contemporary independent Dublin-based theatre company Pan Pan, co-founded with Aedin Cosgrove in 1991. Pan Pan explores new forms, new approaches and experiments with time, space, music and performance. It seeks the authenticity of the performer, humility of purpose, the world as a place of chaos and disorder full of oppositions, conflicts and complexities of existence. Pan Pan to date has created over twenty original and award winning productions that have been performed in locations from Seoul, South Korea to Dublin, Ireland. Read more here.



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Publication Date

July 2005


Hardback, 220pp