By: Mary Telford , Louise Verity

Publication Date: March 2016

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Written by Mary Telford and illustrated by Louise Verity, the ancient Seven Deadly Sins are still among us, though wearing modern dress.

In this lavish, stunningly illustrated modern interpretation, the victims take revenge on their tormentors. The weak become strong and the powerful weak. The stories are humorous, violent and erotic; a celebration of the joy of sinning and of taking revenge. Each story, each sin, is different in setting, character and mood. Each sin in turn is inspected, tested and described in spare and unsparing prose. In each, the sin and the sinner are shown by Mary Telford as malevolent, the victim undeserving of their state.

This graphic fable is conceived as a collection illustrating Envy, Pride, Avarice, Sloth, Gluttony, Anger and Lust. The drawings and collages illuminate the foibles and wickedness described; from perpetrator to victim, no-one can hide.

 Praise for SINS

“A visual distinctive style…. [Sins] creates a dreamscape, with a distinctive and at times alarming feel” The Bookbag

“Beautiful…and gripping… I started one and just had to keep reading” –Jumoke Fashola, BBC Radio London

“A veritable delight to both behold and partake in” David Marx

“Compulsive reading” The Sun


Mary Telford is a fiction writer who also writes on art and artists. She is an art collector, part-time model and television extra, as well as being interested in architecture and design. She is based in London.

Louise Verity is an artist, costume designer, creator and imaginator par excellence. Her costume work has appeared in productions far and wide with clients from Iron Maiden to Michael Jackson. She lives in France.



3 reviews for Sins

  1. Lilliput Press

    “Wonderful dark stories for each of the sins, told as fables, in beautiful sharp spare prose. The context of the lessons is contemporary and the moral of each is a wry comment on justice served. The marvelous illustrations perfectly match the author’s tone. A satisfying, instructive and delightful read.”

  2. Lilliput Press

    “What a strange and disturbing book. Fabulously dark and chilling stories with wonderfully Gothic artwork to match. These are fairy tales for the 21st century, describing our lusts, petty greeds and secret desires with gusto. Very weird indeed!”

  3. Lilliput Press

    “Mary Telford has waved her creative magic wand over each classic sin – Envy, Pride, Avarice, Sloth, Gluttony, Anger and Lust – and persuasively conjured up seven contemporary adult fairy stories. Each has an unsettling, mesmerising twist. This is a beautifully produced book which simultaneously showcases the range of imagination behind Louise Veritiy’s stunning illustrations. Lilliput, the publishers, must be complimented for designing and producing an astonishing work. Fascinating, thought-provoking and dark, even macabre, ‘Sins’ is the ultimate grown up picture book.”

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Dimensions 170 × 225 mm

256pp, Hardback

Publication Date

March 2016