The Lady Who Liked Clean Restrooms

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By: J.P. Donleavy

Publication Date: 1997

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The Lady Who Liked Clean Restrooms by J.P. Donleavy

Jocelyn Guenevere Marchantiere Jones, sometime resident of Scarsdale, educated at Bryn Mawr, has been brought up always to behave like a lady. But what with chiselling divorce lawyers, fraudulent financial advisors and importunate and oversezed suitors, the patience of even the most impeccable lady might wear thin. Which is why Joy ends up with a pair of matching Purdey shotguns across her knees and a .38 Smith & Wesson under her pillow, waiting for the next lying bastard to cross her threshold.

Trigger-happy she may be, and no longer quite welcome in polite society, but Joy Jones of The Lady Who Liked Clean Restrooms, one of J.P. Donleavy’s most inspired comic creations, will always follow her South Carolina granny’s advice on the matter of clean rest rooms, a preference which has some rather surprising consequences.

‘The author of The Ginger Man ventures into new territory but retains his caustic wit and instinct for outrage in this short “”modern-day fairy tale.’… When he accords his narrative an additional mordant twist, readers will recognize the hallmarks of a writer who holds no illusions about human nature.” Publishers Weekly

‘Charming and vulgar.Customer review

‘This advice, consistently heeded, even in the descent into madness, proves to have salutary results in a redeeming ending which I found utterly delightful.’ Customer review


J.P. ‘Mike’ Donleavy (1926–2017) wrote more than twenty books after The Ginger Man, including The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B (1968), A Fairy Tale of New York (1973), The Onion Eaters (1971) and Schultz (1979) (all available as eBooks from Lilliput), along with several works of non-fiction such as The Unexpurgated Code: A Complete Manual of Survival and Manners (1975). He lived along the shores of Lough Owel near Mullingar in County Westmeath. Watch Donleavy win the An Post Lifetime Achievements Award 2015.

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2 reviews for The Lady Who Liked Clean Restrooms

  1. Lilliput Press

    “A beautifully crafted little story, the leading character quite different in essence from Donleavy’s more usual ribald offerings, but nonetheless full of bittersweet observations. Not a long read, but most enjoyable. Recommended!”

  2. Lilliput Press

    “This is an absolutely thrilling journey around Donleavy’s rampant imagination. One woman’s lifestory which is enough in itself but there is a constant quest to find (and use) only clean restrooms. And where that leads her? Read the book and see. I could not put this book down, laughed until I cried and the ending – absolutely totally unexpected. I cannot reccomend this book highly enough. Buy it now!” CH WARDLE

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