The Irish Roots Guide

By: Tony McCarthy

Publication Date: January 1991


The Irish Roots Guide by Tony McCarthy

Irish genealogy now attracts unprecedented interest both at home and abroad. Many who try to trace their roots, however, are disappointed. This practical, fact-filled book can turn failure into success.

The Irish Roots Guide:

  • offers clear, step-by-step instructions
  • provides an introduction to each of the important documentary collections
  • equips you to do your own research in the Irish archives, showing how to avoid pitfalls
  • adopts a fresh approach to family history, debunks myths, and never forgets that half of our ancestors were women.

Whether your research is to be a lifelong hobby or a once-off quest, this book will prove indispensable.

‘Tony McCarthy’s book gives invaluable advice for anyone setting out on the elusive trail of their ancestors.’ – Sunday Press

‘Even if you never get around to compiling your family tree, there will always be satisfaction in knowing that one day, as a result of this book being in the house, your child or grandchild may do so.’ The Irish Post

‘Interestingly written, accurate and well produced.’ The Irish Genealogist

‘This is a most useful and elegant book.’ The Sunday Tribune


TONY MCCARTHY was born in Cork city and educated at the Model School, Colaiste Chraost Rafa and University College Cork. He teaches English and History in Christian Brothers’ College, Cork and is editor of Irish Roots magazine.

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Publication Date

January 1991


Paperback, 116pp