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Cooking with Pomiane

By: Edouard de Pomiane

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Witty, original and always mouth-watering, the recipes in this acclaimed collection offer classic and original dishes as prepared by the most innovative of French chefs.

Never afraid to fly in the face of tradition, Pomiane was a noted dietician who taught at the Institute Pasteur and was the first food-writer to be fully aware of the implications for health of classical French cookery. He was, however, never earnest or po-faced – ‘one can always start slimming tomorrow’. As Elizabeth David noted, he anticipated nouvelle cuisine by several decades, doing so in a way which ‘takes the mystique out of cookery processes and still contrives to leave us with the magic’.

EDOURARD DE POMIANE was born in Paris, the son of Polish émirgés. One of this century’s greatest cookery writers, he lectured at the Institut Pasteur and wrote a number of classic books including The Jews of Poland: Recollections and Recipes. He died in 1964.

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1 review for Cooking with Pomiane

  1. Lilliput Press

    “A glorious book in its own right – a unique style and enticing way to encourage one to try the recipes, which so far in my experience have been delicious, exciting and surprisingly straightforward to follow! A must for anyone who loves cuisine in any form.”

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