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Terror in Ireland 1916-1923

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The practice of terror in revolutionary Ireland remains a highly controversial topic, which seldom receives either balanced or dispassionate treatment. This collection of essays is designed to illuminate the varied origins, forms and consequences of terror, whether practised by republicans or forces of the Crown. It is the fifth production of the Trinity History Workshop, an informal group of academic historians, research students, and undergraduates associated with Trinity College, Dublin. The Workshop’s reputation was established in 1986 by its first collection, Ireland and the First World War, subsequently reissued by The Lilliput Press.

The current volume is dedicated to the memory of a distinguished former member, the late Peter Hart, whose studies of both revolutionary and counter-revolutionary terror continue to arouse lively and sometimes intemperate debate. Several chapters emerged from papers delivered at a one-day conference in Trinity College in November 2010, while others have been specially commissioned for this book. The contributors, including gifted postgraduate and undergraduate students as well as prominent historians, tackle many facets of terror, such as ‘Bloody Sunday’, the Kilmichael Ambush and the Sack of Balbriggan. Scholars, students, political activists and all those interested in the Irish Revolution will find both provocation and enlightenment in this book.

Its purpose is not to assign blame to one party or another, but to offer varied perspectives on one of the most contentious periods of Irish history. The book is enhanced by illustrations, maps and charts.

DAVID FITZPATRICK is Professor of Modern History at Trinity College, Dublin. His most recent book is Solitary and Wild:Frederick MacNeice and the Salvation of Ireland, also published by The Lilliput Press in 2012.

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4 reviews for Terror in Ireland 1916-1923

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lilliput Press

    “well written and researched giving accurate information
    unbiassed reporting of a difficult time in Ireland
    a must for any person who wants to study that period in Ireland.” JOHN BOYCE

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lilliput Press

    “Wonderful series of essays by historians at the top of their game. In particular the “Kilmichael” and “Bloody Sunday” contributions are especially chilling and fascinating.

    Its a wonderful concept to have different hisorians offer their own take on this turbulent era of history, all the essays stand alone in their own right though the book still holds together very well as a narrative

    The vindication of Peter Hart is delivered in factual prose in the piece on Kilmichael, what I like about this essay is that its plain the author has no axe to grind and just wants to establish the facts.

    The myth of Bloody Sunday as well is exposed with mini bios of all the victims, some of whom its clear were not intelligence agents, also it includes details of all the people killed including civilian bystanders.

    It really is a golden era for Irish History writing, Peter Hart would be justifably proud of this earnest excellent book that is dedicated to his memory.” PATRICK

  3. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lilliput Press

    “This book, although the chapters appear bite sized in the contents, is a comprehensive and detailed look at acts that constituted terror during our struggle for independence and the Civil War. It breaks down these times through painstaking research, figures and testimonies and relates them to the result of terror. It focuses not just on the numbers of dead or money lost, but also on the very real emotional impact the fighting had on both sides and the people caught in between. A number of contributors were specially commissioned for the book, so no one author is responsible for the entire set of chapters. That means this turbulent time in our history is examined from a number of angles and written in different styles.

    However one thing that is consistent throughout is the academic nature of the book. It contains many facts and figures and is enhanced by illustrations, maps and charts.
    A great book if you intend to study this period or have an already good knowledge of it.

    David Fitzpatrick is Professor of Modern History at Trinity College, Dublin. His most recent book is Solitary and Wild: Frederick MacNeice and the Salvation of Ireland, also published by The Lilliput Press in 2012.

    As reviewed in the May 2013 issue of An Cosantóir (The Defender) The Irish Defence Forces Magazine by Cpl Paul Millar – –”

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lilliput Press

    “An excellent publication which is well worth the money. Dedicated to the devisive historian, the late Dr.Peter Hart , this book explores the concept of terror during the Irish War of Independence. A brilliant companion to anyone undertaking academic studies concerning the period in question or the reader who wants to examine the conflict from a different perspective.” RONAN HAYES

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