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‘J.P. Donleavy at his wildest, wackiest, sexiest best!’ – Chicago Sun Times

Schultz – Sigmund Franz “Isadorable” Schultz – descended from a long line of Prague Rabbis, born in the New England boondocks, fleeing an obscure furture in ladies’ lingerie and determined to make it as a knock-their-socks-off theatrical impresario in London’s West End.
Long before the official premiere, he will host a slew of opening nights featuring the likes of Agnes, Greta and Lady Lulu – ladies all too eager to impress their talents on Schultz and his aristocratic English “angels” – and find himself veering wildly from misfortune to disaster in his exuberant pursuit of erotic adventure, fabulous box-office riches and – do you believe it? – true love!

‘No contemporary writer is better than J.P. Donleavy at his best’ – The New Yorker

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1 review for Schultz

  1. Rated 4 out of 5

    Lilliput Press

    “I found Donleavy at an impressionable age and even though those days are long gone I still have a place in my heart for either rambunctious or melancholy, (but always zestfully incorrect), Donleavy. I guess most people know “The Ginger Man”, and quite a few know “A Singular Man” and “Fairy Tale of New York”, but there are many more novels out there, although their appeal and quality starts to become a little dicier. (Try to find “The Onion Eaters”, though.)

    I think of “Schultz” as high middlin’. It could be longer or it could be shorter. Its hero wanders around a lot and you could add a few more scenes, characters, and heroines, or drop a few. Episodic though it may be it still sparkles from time to time with Donleavy’s magical, bawdy, stream of consciousness, funny/desperate madness. Many times Donleavy puts most of his effort into his lead character and slights the supporting crew. This book stands out because while our hero Schultz is one of his best, the characters who surround him are strong and appealing in their own rights. This gives the book a little more heft, and allows for more funny business.

    So, I hope there is renewed interest in Donleavy, and that he be remembered and celebrated for more than just “The Ginger Man”. This book seems a perfectly fine way to be introduced to him, but an even better way to get to know him and enjoy his work beyond his classic.”

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