Portrait of a Century

By: Kim Haughton


Kim Haughton’s new body of work Portrait of a Century offers a stunning portrait of contemporary Ireland as it reflects upon the centenary of the nation’s birth in 1916. Resilience, intimacy, youth – these 100 photographs portray an Ireland at the precipice of change.

The poet, the sporting hero, the hopeful youth and nostalgic aged – Haughton’s vision of Ireland is one eclipsing past and present, a vision of the Irish nation seen through the prism of its people.

Between 2015 and 2016, one hundred people were invited to participate in Portrait of a Century, each born in a different year, beginning with T. K Whitaker (b. 1916) and ending in 2015. The resulting images are a fascinating depiction of contemporary Ireland, reflected in the diversity of its people and sense of nationhood and culture today.

In spring 2017 the entire collection will be published in Haughton’s first monograph. The publication will coincide with a major exhibition of the work at the National Museum, Collins Barracks, to be launched by the President of Ireland

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