Paddy Rossmore: Photographs (SIGNED)

By: Paddy Rossmore

Edited by: Robert O’Byrne

Publication Date: 01 Aug 2019



Paddy Rossmore: Photographs records half a century of the travels made by Lord Rossmore and his companions the Knight of Glin, Desmond FitzGerald, and Mariga Guinness of the Irish Georgian Society. The visual record made by Rossmore provides a unique archive dedicated to preserving the landscape of a bygone era.

With accompanying essays by fine art historian Robert O’Byrne, Rossmore’s photographs capture the bittersweet beauty of an uncertain era for Ireland’s architectural heritage, with many of his subjects now fallen to ruin, and others enjoying restoration and new life in modernized Ireland.


Paddy Rossmore was born into an old Monaghan land-owning family in 1931. After attending Cambridge, Rossmore was introduced to the Irish Georgian Society by Desmond FitzGerald, Knight of Glin. Rossmore and Mariga Guinness, along with FitzGerald, travelled Ireland with a camera. Despite his amateur status, Rossmore’s photographs were sought after by books and periodicals such as Country Life, with his collection eventually being placed in the Irish Architectural Archive.

Robert O’Byrne is a writer and lecturer specializing in the fine and decorative arts and author of more than a dozen books, among them The Last Knight: A Tribute to Desmond FitzGerald, 29th Knight of Glin (2013), Luggala Days: The Story of a Guinness House (2012), Desmond Leslie 1921-2001 (2010), Romantic Irish Homes (2009) and Hugh Lane 1875-1915 (2000). He writes a monthly column for Apollo magazine and contributes to the Burlington Magazine and the Irish Arts Review. Since 2012 he has written an award-winning blog, The Irish Aesthete.

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01 Aug 2019

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