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Mirror, Mirror

Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Addict

By: Terry Prone

Publication Date: November 2001

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Mirror, Mirror: Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Addict by Terry Prone

Terry Prone once thought plastic surgery was for the vain, the self-regarding and the rich. She thought herself the person least likely to submit to the plastic surgeon’s scalpel.

But this was before a traumatic car crash in which the steering wheel caved in her cheekbones, broke her jaw and smashed her teeth. In the days and weeks that followed, she began to understand how radically her appearance had changed. She then embarked on a journey of physical – and emotional – reconstruction that gradually became an addiction. Liposuction. Tooth implants. An arm-lift. Two face-lifts and a brow-lift. Diamond eye surgery. Foot surgery. She found she could not stop.

Mirror Mirror: Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Addict tells the dramatic story of Terry Prone’s experience of plastic surgery on both sides of the Atlantic and reveals the truth about each procedure: discomforts, costs, failures and (mostly) successes. Charged with her remarkable candour, it is an astonishing story of courage and personal reinvention – and a hilarious exploration of the wilder shores of plastic surgery.

‘An interesting, honest personal account on the subject of plastic surgery- the narrator undergoing it several times. Definitely worth reading.’ Customer review


TERRY PRONE is a novelist and a leading public-relations consultant.

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2 reviews for Mirror, Mirror

  1. Lilliput Press

    “Hilarious but serious. Written with a gift for communication.”

  2. Lilliput Press

    “I bought the book because I love this authors fiction. This was just as witty and enjoyed it too. Learnt a lot about plastic Surgery that was new to me.” COD

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November 2001


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