Introducing John Moriarty

In His Own Words

By: John Moriarty

Edited by: Michael W. Higgins


Introducing John Moriarty by Michael W. Higgins

In Introducing John Moriarty Canadian theologian and academic Michael W. Higgins compiles the essential writings of Irish philosopher and mystic, John Moriarty. This distillation of Moriarty’s texts on ecology, mysticism and spirituality is a perfect introduction to the work of this complex and, at times, esoteric philosopher. Higgins’ commentary provides an excellent guide to one of the country’s most enigmatic modern thinkers and is an essential addition to the library of anyone interested in Irish philosophy and spirituality.

Moriarty’s books include Dreamtime (1994); the trilogy Turtle Was Gone a Long Time: Crossing the Kedron (1996), Horsehead Nebula Neighing (1997) and Anaconda Canoe (1998); Nostos, An Autobiography (2001); Invoking Ireland (2005); Night Journey to Buddh Gaia (2006); Serious Sounds (2007); and One Evening in Eden (2007), a boxed CD collection of his talks, stories and poetry.

‘John Moriarty’s erudition is immense … his words are shamanic, brushed with sparks of mystic fire.’ —GERRY MCCARTHY

‘John Moriarty is Ireland’s most outstanding philosopher-theologian since Bishop Berkeley in the eighteenth century.’ —PAUL DURCAN

‘In a land of extraordinary literary talent, I think John Moriarty is Ireland’s most important writer since Samuel Beckett.’ —THOMAS MOORE

‘John Moriarty weaves an extraordinary tapestry of myths and memories … He has none of the dangerous certainty of the wide-eyed mystic and writes with grace and subtlety.’ —FINTAN O’TOOLE


John Moriarty was born in Kerry on 2 February 1938 and died there on 1 June 2007. He was educated at St Michael’s College, Listowel, and University College Dublin. He taught English literature at the University of Manitoba in Canada for six years, before returning to Ireland in 1971. His books include Dreamtime (1994); the trilogy Turtle Was Gone a Long Time: Crossing the Kedron (1996), Horsehead Nebula Neighing (1997) and Anaconda Canoe (1998); Nostos, An Autobiography (2001); Invoking Ireland (2005); Night Journey to Buddh Gaia(2006); Serious Sounds (2007); and One Evening in Eden (2007), a boxed CD collection of his talks, stories and poetry.


Michael W. Higgins is a Canadian academic and theologian. He is vice president for Mission and Catholic Identity at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Connecticut. He is recognised as a notable alumnus of St. Michael’s College School and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Human Letters from Sacred Heart University in 2008. His works include Introducing John Moriarty.


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