Gaelic and Gaelicized Ireland in the Middle Ages

By: K.W. Nicholls

Publication Date: June 2003

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Gaelic and Gaelicized Ireland in the Middle Ages by K.W. Nicholls

When the first edition of this book appeared in 1972 it was acclaimed as a revolutionary breakthrough in the study of late medieval Ireland and of the autonomous lordships into which it was divided. Since then it has repeatedly and extensively cited as an authority, but has long been out of print.

This edition of a pioneering and brilliant survey work is comprehensively revised and enlarged in the light of additional research by the author, and other scholars, carried out in the intervening period. New information on late Irish law and the lordships has been added, and the glossary and bibliography extended. Gaelic and Gaelicized Ireland is an indispensable adjunct to all students and readers in medieval Irish and European history.

Gaelic and Gaelicized Ireland in the Middle Ages by K.W. Nicholls is an ambitious piece of writing which attempts to give an overview of Ireland’s history from the late thirteenth through to the mid sixteenth century… This book is definitely worth picking up for those looking for a good introduction to this particular period in Irish history.’ – Customer review

‘A clearly written and fairly detailed account of an era about which such information is hard to find. A great help in understanding Irish history and with some detail of the lives of common people which is often missing in general histories. As a family historian I found it most helpful in picturing the lives my ancestors lived.’ Customer review

‘It is a thorough rendition of an overlooked part of Irish history, the Gaelic history.’ Customer review


KENNETH NICHOLLS, contributor to volumes II and III of A New History of Ireland, is researcher and editor for the Irish Manuscripts Commission. He teaches History at University College Cork, and is author of Land, Law and Society in Sixteenth Century Ireland.

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1 review for Gaelic and Gaelicized Ireland in the Middle Ages

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    “Fantastic stuff. This little gem is a big help in getting a grasp of the state of affairs in Ireland during the time in question.” AENGUS

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