Faithful Departed

The Dublin of James Joyce's Ulysses

By: Kieran Hickey

Publication Date: June 2004


Faithful Departed: The Dublin of James Joyce’s Ulysses by Kieran Hickey

‘How many! All these here once walked around Dublin. Faithful departed’.

These were the thoughts of Leopold Bloom in Joyce’s Ulysses when Patrick Dignam was buried in Glasnevin Cemetary. The day was Thursday, 16 June, 1904.

In Faithful Departed, first published in 1982, the late Kieran Hickey assembles a stunning collection of long-lost photographs by Robert French. In these haunting images, the ‘faithful departed’ walk into our vision once again. Here are the spacious avenues and crowded back-streets of Joyce’s Dublin, populated by every manner of person – the well-heeled professional classes; RIC constables and British army officers on parade; women with perambulators; street vendors and gangs of urchins.

These photographs potently evoke the Dublin of 1904 – a city of trams and horse-drawn carriages; of sailing ships and barges on the Liffey; and of lively bandstands in summer – and blend with Des Hickey’s exquisite text to recreate the very atmosphere of Joyce’s Bloomsday.

Published in association with the National Library of Ireland.


KIERAN HICKEY was born in Dublin in 1936 and died in 1993. He was a documentary film-maker with a special interest in James Joyce and in Irish literature. His principal films, Faithful Departed (1967) and The Light of Other Days (1972), were based on the photographs of Robert French from the Lawrence Collection of the National Library of Ireland; both gave rise to books of the same name.



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June 2004


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