Essays in Tribute to J. Valentine Rice

Edited by: Aidan Seery

Publication Date: November 2010


Professor J Valentine Rice, erstwhile Chair of Education at Trinity College Dublin (1966-2005) to whom this volume of essays is dedicated in memoriam, engaged in the richness and diversity of education debate during the thirty-nine years that he held his academic post. His interests in the philosophy of education, Catholic education, human growth and guidance and the Irish language and culture are reflected in the essays by his former colleagues and students presented here.

Whether it is the teaching of Irish, the involvement of the churches in education, the points system or the managerialism and “edunomics” of the universities, educational debate is vigorous and often passionate. The diversity of the themes of the contributions seems, on a first viewing, to indicate the lack of a common theme. On closer reflection, however, Val Rice’s lifelong commitment to a view of education that must always be broad enough to encompass the many ways in which it aids genuine human flourishing, shines through.

These essays are examples of the ways in which colleagues and students have responded to the influence of J Valentine Rice as teacher, mentor, advocate and friend as they continue to work and engage in the broad field of education.


AIDAN SEERY lectures in educational theory and philosophy and is currently Director of Research in the School of Education in Trinity College Dublin. This volume has been produced with the encouragement and assistance of Susan M Parkes, Michael O’Rourke and Pat Wall.



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November 2010


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