Dublin’s Other Poetry

Edited by: Hector McDonnell , John Wyse Jackson

Publication Date: September 2009

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Dublin’s writers rarely remain solemn for long: their wicked sense of humour has travelled the world. This is an irresistible new anthology of what used to be called ‘comic and curious verse’ about the city, written by some of her most entertaining poets and songwriters.

Fashions in verse come and go. Too often we forget – paradoxically – the most memorable works of wit, sarcasm or absurdity. The ones gathered here were written over four centuries, and were inspired by many things – among them love, injustice, history, politics, animals and alcohol, but most of all by the citizens of Dublin themselves. Whether the lines are satirical, sentimental, subversive, sexy or just plain silly, you will find that many of them show a rare seriousness as well.

Each poem comes with background information about where it originated, and each page is illuminated by Hector McDonnell’s wonderful, witty drawings.

“It’s not the impressive round-up of ‘discarded’ verse – by such well-known authors as Swift, Behan, Shaw, Gogarty, Dorothy Sayers and of course the Dublin balladeer Zozimus – which makes this collection such an enjoyable kaleidoscopic view of Dublin. Rather, it’s the numerous anonymous or little-known contributors, often saved from obscure ballad sheets or publications such as the TCD Gazette, that sets it apart.” –Metro

JOHN WYSE JACKSON and HECTOR McDONNELL have also worked together on Ireland’s Other Poetry: Anonymous to Zozimus and Ulster’s Other Poetry: Rhymes and Songs of the Province, both published by The Lilliput Press.

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1 review for Dublin’s Other Poetry

  1. Lilliput Press

    “Hector McDonnell, the co-curator of this book, is an author and illustrator of deep knowledge of Ireland in general. I got this fun work of his as gifts for my husband and his sister, both of whom are Irish Americans. It’s light and fun.”

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September 2009


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