Meet the Interns: Part II – My Work Experience at Lilliput


My name is Livia. I am a student in St. Andrews College, and I decided to spend my Transition Year work experience working in publishing at The Lilliput Press. I wanted to do publishing as I’ve always had a keen interest in literature and other humanities. I was excited to work at Lilliput since I would be able to learn about the process involved in book publishing; a combination of publicity, editorial and overall managerial work.

Because Lilliput is an independent company, the work scheduling and consistency is less rigid or corporate, allowing me to experience all the different aspects and jobs involved in publishing in a hospitable environment. I have very much enjoyed my time here so far and have learned various new skills such as editing a website, how to promote and publicize effectively, editing the A.I. (advance information) of a novel description, how to use the copious amounts of publishing-related acronyms, checking for mistakes before publishing a book and packaging books to be sent.

I am definitely more adept with a computer and technology than I’d been when I started. Luckily, there is a great communal atmosphere in Stoneybatter and Lilliput itself. I have been fortunate with the location and the employees working at Lilliput who have mentored me throughout the week. I also appreciate the fact that most of the novels are written by Irish writers and intellectuals, expanding our literary prowess as a nation. I would recommend to anyone interested in doing work experience in publishing to go to The Lilliput Press in Stoneybatter or to drop by anytime for a browse!