Friday Archive


This month’s Friday Archive pick is Overnight to Innsbruck, a thriller by Denyse Woods. It was published by Lilliput in 2002. There’s 10% off it until the end of May!


So, why should you buy it? Here are our five reasons:

1 It’s the original Girl on a Train.

Sort of. There is a girl on a train, and there is a mystery. We were on to this waaaaay before everyone else.

2 It’s a damn fine thriller

Ex-lovers meet by chance on a sleeper train to Innsbruck. What happened to them? Where did they meet, and why did they part? This leads us to the next point…


The drama plays out in some twisty conversations about personal identity. Is the truth really that complicated? Are they even who they say they are?

4 Passenger No.3

Adding to the *spice* of this drama, enter a third player. As our ex-lovers talk their way through mutual murky pasts, a third passenger eavesdrops on their conversation. Who are they, and why are they listening?

5 It’s all set on a train

There’s nothing quite like a train-related psychological thriller. Just ask Agatha Christie.

So, there you have it. Two people meet on a train and they have one night to figure out what in the name of carnation is going on.

For the ACTUAL blurb, see below:

On an overnight train to Innsbruck, ex-lovers Richard and Frances meet each other by chance many years after their mysterious separation on a train journey through the blistering heat and vast empty expanses of the Sudanese desert. As they each tell their separate stories of fear, confusion and loss, they try to unravel the truth of what happened – and confront the bitter possibility that one of them may be lying.

As their train hurtles through a long sleepless night, a third passenger eavesdrops on their conversation, mesmerized by a complex dialogue that probes into the very nature of truth and personal identity. A story of love and doubt, Overnight to Innsbruck is charged throughout with tantalizing puzzles and all the tension of a first-class psychological thriller.