Top 35 Books in 35 Years!


It’s the end of a great decade! As 2019 comes to a close and we all look ahead to resolutions for the new year, why not take a look back at all the good things that came before too? As we celebrate 35 years of publishing here at Lilliput, there is no better time of year to look back on our favourite 35 books in 35 years!

Founded in 1984 by Antony Farrell, more than 600 Lilliput titles have appeared over the years! These encompass art, music (both traditional and popular Irish music) architecture, autobiography and memoir, biography and history, ecology and environmentalism, essays and literary criticism, philosophy, current affairs and popular culture, fiction, drama and poetry, all broadly focused on Irish themes.

Our favourites from the first five years of Lilliput reflect this diverse range of publications.

  1. The Children of Drancy by Hubert Butler

This remarkable volume is the second of five essay collections published by Lilliput. A prosaic meditation on Europe and travel in Russia, China, the Adriatic and America during the mid-century this collection has come to establish the standard of Lilliput’s publication and underline our dedication to unique and distinguished writing. Originally published in 1985, Hubert Butler is always on our “must-read” lists!

  1. Season of Daisies by Tom Phelan

Never judge a book by its cover. Still, the eye-catching  cover design of Season of Daisies reflects the main character of the novel so well! As one of our readers said: “This is a haunting and provocative book that so artistically yet tangibly inhabits the minds of men who had been involved in the violence and complexities of the Irish troubles.” Set in the Irish Midlands, and written by an Irish American ex-priest and migrant, this book is as beautiful as it is unusual.

     3.  Setting Foot On The Shores Of Connemara by Tim Robinson

Lilliput loves nature! In these fourteen related works we witness a great nature writer, artist and cartographer united with his subject, conveying the vivid experiences of a quarter-century of exploring and mapping the Aran Islands, the Burren and Connemara. Take this book up with you on your next hike through the west of Ireland.

    4. Dreamtime by John Moriarty

John Moriarty is one of our most highly acclaimed authors. Dreamtime is the first great work of this poet, mystic and philosopher. Full of unique voice, original writing and spiritual insight this book never seems to fail to change the outlook of all who read it. First published in 1994, Dreamtime is a modern classic! It enlarges our capacity for symbolic understanding in an age of millennial anxiety.

      5.  Growth Illusion by Richard Douthwaite

Is economic growth improving our lives? In 1992, when the first edition of The Growth Illusion appeared, most people had little doubt that the answer was ‘Yes’. Today, however, the climate of opinion has changed and there is widespread acceptance that, while growth might be necessary to generate jobs, the development path we are following isn’t making life better for ourselves or our children. What do you think? This interesting text serves up some food for thought, which is why we love it!

What are your favourite Lilliput books?

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