Join us as we celebrate 35 years of The Lilliput Press (and counting)!! Lilliput has worked to discover and promote Irish writing of the highest standard. As the festivities continue, take a moment to peek at some of our favourite memoirs.   1. Lucifer to Lazerus by Mick O’Reilly In From Lucifer to Lazarus: A Life on the Left, Mick O’Reilly shares his experiences as a politician and trade unionist and his unwavering thoughts and insights on controversial, complex issues. O’Reilly discovered socialism and militant trade unionism in the early 1960s when he joined the National Union of Vehicle Builders. This recently published memoir emphasises often overlooked values, setting itself apart as a unique, intimate…


Who are you and what is your role at Lilliput Press? My name is Orla, and I am the new editorial intern at The Lilliput Press. My job includes a number of different tasks: I run the bookshop at the front of the store. I am sometimes given blurbs to write and manuscripts to proof or edit. I am the one responsible for reading the ‘slush’ pile. These are the unsolicited manuscripts handed in to The Lilliput Press daily. If I like something, I will champion it at one of our production meetings. If others are interested, we may go ahead with publishing the manuscript! What Lilliput release are you most looking forward to? The…