Author Payment Policy

The Lilliput Press publishes books entirely on their merit, regardless of the author’s class, colour, creed, or gender. We continue as we began more than three decades ago, searching out fresh voices that will resonate beyond our shores. As custodians of the written word, we cherish our independence of judgment, originality of thought, and the singularity of Irish culture in a polyglot universe.

Through open submissions and direct commissioning work, writers of exceptional literary talent and commitment are contracted with the Lilliput Press.

The Lilliput Press fully subscribes to the Arts Council of Ireland’s Paying the Artist Policy:

The Arts Council is committed to the principle of fair remuneration for professional artists. … Remuneration is used here to encompass all potential forms of an artist’s earnings. It includes pay, salary, wages, fees, allowances, benefits and non-cash incentives as well as income derived from rights or royalties.

The Lilliput Press is also a member of Publishing Ireland and subscribes to the Code of Practice, which sets out guidelines for fair contractual terms:

The publishing contract must be clear, unambiguous and comprehensive, and must be honoured in both the letter and spirit.

As such, authors’ payments are ring-fenced within our budgets, meaning an author’s advance or royalties are agreed on contract and not decreased regardless of other budgetary changes. Royalty statements clearly show sales made within the accounting period and the breakdown of what is owed to the author. We ensure writers’ copyright is respected, both in terms of moral and economic rights.

The Lilliput Press offers a number of financial revenue streams including advances, royalties, rights sales and permissions fees for authors’ work as well as pitching authors for paid opportunities such as festival appearances.

The Lilliput Press also offers rewarding careers to authors, which does not put money in their pockets in an immediate sense, but adds value to their writing, their connection to the publishing industry, their publicity and profile, their opportunities to speak publicity and their confidence in creating new work.

By nurturing talent in a human, personal way, the Lilliput Press places the author at the heart of our work.