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By: Robin Flower

Publication Date: January 1993


The Irish Tradition by Robert Flower

First published in 1947, these celebrated lectures and introductions to the medieval and modern Gaelic-speaking culture, which was drawing to a close when Flower first came to Ireland in 1910, form a primary source for generations of scholars and readers, Celticists and medievalists. This edition is accompanied by Professor Delargy’s In Memoriam and an updated bibliography of Flower’s works.

‘The Irish Tradition will perpetuate Robin Flower’s memory among all educated Irishmen. It is the one book on Irish literature which can be recommended without reserve to everyone who wishes for a true, accurate and sympathetic account of a beauty that once permeated the lives of kings, monks and men of learning, but which now survives perilously only among the rocks and heather of the West.’  The Irish Times

‘It has more knowledge and thought and light than almost any other modern book about Irish literature.’ The Irish Press

‘Scholarly, knowledgeable and loving, these lectures provide a rare combination of intellectual satisfaction and plain enjoyment.’ Sean Dunne, Cork Examiner

‘Excellent.’ Customer review

‘A beautiful, stirring discussion of the Irish literary tradition: its origins, history and characteristics. Filled with examples and stunningly written, this is a book well worth the time of anyone interested in poetry, literature, or the history of Ireland.’ Customer review

‘I’ve read this little book again and again because Robin Flower has such a lively love for the Irish literature he translates and comments on—from the 7th to the 17th century. The stories he conveyed and the history he told with such wit sparked my imagination and had me smiling as I read.’ Customer review


ROBIN FLOWER was Deputy-Keeper of Manuscripts in the British Museum from 1929 to 1944 and a lifelong visitor to the Blasket Islands in Kerry. His books include the Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the British Museum (Vol.II, 1926), The Western Island (1944), and a translation of The Islandman (1934) by Tomáis O Criomhthain.

Publication Date

January 1993


Paperback, 180pp