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John Moriarty audiobook – One Evening in Eden (a unique set of recordings of John Moriarty’s talks, stories and poetry)

By: John Moriarty

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Part one of four: ‘Six Stories’, presented in four volumes (Listening time: 4 hours, 26 minutes).

Future parts will include ‘Eden’, ‘Seeking to Walk Beautifully on the Earth’ and ‘Tridium Sacrum’. These parts will be uploaded as MP3 audiobooks to the Lilliput Press website in the months to come. The complete CD set may be purchased here.

Including an introduction by Martin Shaw, editor of A Hut at the Edge of the Village

‘As important an artefact of Irish culture as you are ever likely to come across’ – Tommy Tiernan from the Foreword to A Hut at the Edge of the Village

‘It is deeply oral what Moriarty is doing. His themes circle around each other again and again, certain stories are invoked repeatedly, book after book. This isn’t an imaginative failing: in a new age this is a very old-age way of teaching. The only strategies in which John traffics are depth and massiveness. He’s isn’t trotting out punditry, the books were specific in theme: Divine Ground. Both in and around us. Plotinus said the soul adores the circle, and never have I read a more circular canon. This is a magical and effective technique. Almost like Sufis whirling.’ – Martin Shaw, from the Introduction to A Hut at the Edge of the Village

‘To be in the presence of John Moriarty, either casually or in attendance at one of his ‘talks’, was an unforgettable experience. … The man was the message. He told stories, stories about ordinary happenings, ordinary but rich in wisdom and wonder and humour, and out of those stories he conjured a vision of a different way of being in the world. … He said that we live in a world of miracles if only we had eyes to see. … He told us that science was only half the story, that philosophy was only half the story, that religion itself was only half the story, but that it was all a tremendous story. He told us that, living in the modern world, we had lost our sense of soul and that this was the greatest possible loss. In his speaking and in his passion, he reawakened that sense of soul in us. … His was a powerful and profound message.’ – Mary McGillicuddy from the Introduction to John Moriarty: Not the Whole Story

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Six Stories – Vols 1-4

Leaving ‘the narrow circle of sensory intellectual light’, Moriarty leads us into the benign darkness for the sake of approaching the earth. He inherits his humanity in all its awkwardness and crookedness and all its contradiction and as long as he does not hurt anyone else, he allows his nature to happen to him.

The vernacular is very important – the author believed that Theology, or the words Theo Logos meaning discourse or an account of or an understanding of God, was a contradiction in itself. We cannot talk about God at all but we can talk about the journey back to God. These six stories, or parables, are about the journey back to God.


‘In a land of extraordinary literary talent, I think John Moriarty is Ireland’s most important writer since Samuel Beckett.’ —Thomas Moore, author of Care of the Soul

‘It is hard to convey the sheer erudition and richness of content of John Moriarty’s remarkable and epic work – the voice of a major contemporary figure in Irish literature.’ — David Lorimer, Program Director of Scientific and Medical Network

‘John Moriarty is Ireland’s most outstanding philosopher-theologian since Bishop Berkeley in the eighteenth century.’ — Paul Durcan, author of Art of Life



JOHN MORIARTY, writer and philosopher, was born in Kerry in 1938 and educated at Listowel and University College Dublin. He taught English literature at Manitoba University in Canada for six years, before returning to Ireland in 1971. Sometime gardener, lecturer and broadcaster, in 1997 he hosted a major RTE television series, ‘The Blackbird and the Bell’. His books include Dreamtime (1994), and the first two volumes of Turtle Was Gone a Long Time: Crossing the Kedron (1996) and Horsehead Nebula Neighing (1997); One Evening in Eden is a box set of 13 CDs, now available to purchase for download, only available from The Lilliput Press.  John Moriarty lived his final years down from the Horse’s Glen at the foot of Mangerton Mountain in north Kerry.


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