Between Dog and Wolf

By: Elske Rahill

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“A dark, insightful and utterly compelling book. Beautifully written.” – Donal Ryan, The Spinning Heart

The French call it entre chien et loup . . . Darkly moving, often shocking, this interwoven story follows three college students, desperately searching for a place between the familiar and the strange as they careen towards self- knowledge.

Cassandra, volatile and scarred by loss, has been sculpted by the bohemian high life and then discarded. Oisín, a country boy pulsing with sexual aggression, is prone to equal flights of rage and compassion.
And you, Helen. Helen, who takes these two fractured lives and dashes them against herself, creating ripples that twist and distort their images of what should be.

In this stunning debut novel, each character forces the boundaries of normality, negotiating the chasms of their own violent sexuality and decay.


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3 reviews for Between Dog and Wolf

  1. Lilliput Press

    ‘A dark, insightful, and utterly compelling novel. Beautifully written’ – Donal Ryan.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lilliput Press

    “Set in Dublin, the story moves from the points of view of Trinity students Helen, Cass and Oisin – we get an unflinching stream of conscious type of narration, its fascinating, sensual, brutal and incredibly moving. Its the first novel I’ve read to honestly explore gender, motherhood, sexuality and love in this contemporary world of ours. There is some slight confusion early on between the voices of Cass and Helen, but it almost doesn’t matter, the story still flows, and flows well. Its an important book. The writing is elegant, raw, beautifully poetic yet sharp, and also very witty. There is something new and wonderful happening here, to read this book is a visceral experience.” NIAMH BOYCE

  3. Lilliput Press

    ‘This is a contemporary coming-of-age novel that might shock some with its graphic depictions of sex, drunkenness and the recklessness of youth, and the book is filled with detailed scenes from the outset. But what ‘Between Dog And Wolf’ really feels like is the most authentic depiction of Ireland’s post-boom, YouTube-raised young adults that we have had yet. Rahill has attempted to do something bravely original and, with that, has singled herself out as an intriguing and definitive voice of a new generation of Irish writers.’ – The Irish Independent

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22 October 2013


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