35 books over 35 years: monuments in time


35 on 35 : monuments in time — cultural interventions in which every word and image weighs.
Our publisher, Antony Farrell has chosen some of his top books from 35 years of publishing.
                              I 1980s
SFOTSOC by Tim Robinson (pamphlet)
The Rock Garden by Leo Daly (novel)
Escape from the Anthill by Hubert Butler (essay)
Stones of Aran x 2 vols by Tim Robinson (natural history)
The Village of Longing by George O’Brien (memoir)
Handbook to a Hypothetical City by Albert Rechts (satire)
Season of the Daisies by Tom Phelan (novel)
Hazel, A life of Lady Lavery by Sinead McCoole (biography)
                            II 1990s
Dreamtime by John Moriarty (philosophy)
The Growth Illusion by Richard Douthwaite (economics)
Ulysses by James Joyce (novel)
Modern Art in Ireland by Dorothy Walker (art)
Cats and their Poets by Maurice Craig (poetry)
Skelligside by Michael Kirby (memoir/folk history)
                             III 2000s
French Cello Sonatas 1871-1939 by Stephen Sensbach (music)
Lady Gregory’s Toothbrush by Colm Toibin (biography)
Nostos by John Moriarty (autobiography)
Images of Dublin by Bill Doyle (photography)
Nature in Ireland ed. John Wilson Foster ( essay/natural history)
                           IV 2010s
Finnegans Wake by James Joyce (novel)
Ten Thousand Saints by Hubert Butler (history)
The Thing About December by Donal Ryan (novel)
Watching the Door by Kevin Myers (memoir/history)
My Generation ed. Antony Farrell (music/memoir)
Ireland’s Atlantic Heritage by Bob Quinn (history)
Ink-Stained Hands by Brian Lalor (art history)
The Indignant Muse by Terry Moylan (music/history)
Charlie Chaplin’s Wishbone by Aidan Mathews (short stories)
The Boy in the Mask: Lawrence of Arabia by Dick Benson-Gyles (biography)
Maria Edgeworth’s Letters from Ireland ed. Valerie Pakenham (history)
Rise Above! Letters from Tyrone Guthrie ed. Christopher Fitz-Simon (theatre)
The Cruelty Men by Emer Martin (novel)
                     V 2020s
The Last Footman by Gillies McBain (memoir)
A Shared Homeplace by Seamus Mallon with Andy Pollak (autobiography)
Oona by Alice Lyons (novel)