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The Lilliput Press
Ireland's leading independent publishing house - Specialists in Irish literature and history since 1985
National Lottery and Arts Council

Hubert Butler ... The Appleman and the Poet
Ross Skelton ... Eden Halt: An Antrim Memoir
Desmond Hogan ... The Leaves on Grey
Hector McDonnell ... Ireland's Other History
Donal Ryan ... The Thing About December
Edited by Sophia Grene ... A Life in Postcards The Writings of Melosina Lenox-Conyngham
James Joyce ... Dubliners
Donal Ryan ... The Spinning Heart
Ulick O'Connor ... Celtic Dawn - A Portrait of Irish Literary Renaissance
Alastair Campbell, Ed Kathy Gilfillan ... The Irish Diaries (1994-2003)
Edited by Katy McGuinness  ... Trinity Tales: Trinity College Dublin in the Eighties
Richard Murphy ... Poems 1952-2012 Limited Edition
Elske Rahill ... Between Dog and Wolf
Raymond Beggan ... Winged Encounters. The Common Birds of Dublin
Fergus Mulligan ... William Dargan: An Honourable Life (1799-1867)
Joseph Hone ... Wicked Little Joe
Robert O'Byrne ... The Last Knight A Tribute to Desmond Fitzgerald 29th Knight of Glin
Ciaran Carty ... Intimacy With Strangers: A Life of Brief Encounters
Ed. Vivienne Guinness ... Enrique Juncosa: The Irish Years
John A. Ryan ... Mo'soor. Song of the Road
Desmond Hogan ... The Ikon Maker
 ... Lilliput Press Tote Bag
Kevin Barry (Ed.) ... Traces of Peter Rice
Mike McCormack ... Forensic Songs
David Fitzpatrick ... Terror in Ireland 1916-1923
Ed. Brendan O'Donoghue ... A Moriarty Reader
Richard McNeff ... With Barry Flanagan: Travels Through Time and Spain
Mike McCormack ... Getting it in the Head
Kevin Power ... Bad Day In Blackrock
Mike Scott ... Mike Scott: Adventures of a Waterboy
Lingard Goulding ... Your Children are not your Children: The Story Of Headfort School
Adrian Kenny ... Portobello Notebook
Eoin O'Brien ... The Weight of Compassion and Other Essays
Flann O'Brien ... Myles Away From Dublin
Flann O'Brien ... Myles Before Myles
John Moriarty ... Nostos
Donal Magner ... Stopping by Woods: a Guide to the Forests and Woodlands of Ireland

the lilliput press
Andy Bielenberg ... The Shannon Scheme & the Electrification of the Irish Free State

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