Top 35 Books in 35 Years!


Need to clear away those Tuesday morning blues? Have a look at 5 more of our favourite rainy day poetry reads. Curl up with a cup of tea and get cosy with some Lilliput poetry!


1. Ethna MacCarty Poetry by Ethna MacCarthy

Ethna MacCarthy Poetry is one of Lilliput’s newest titles. This collection, published here for the first time, unearths an exceptionally rich and intriguing body of work by a remarkable woman who was ahead of her time. MacCarthy played an important and creative part of a cosmopolitan and free-thinking post-Independence Dublin. Her poetry contains exposed lunar and death-haunted landscapes, tales of multifaceted women, and subversive ideas around femininity.

2. Cats And Their Poets by Maurice Craig

Who here is a cat person? One of Lilliput’s most respected authors certainly is! This delightful anthology of poems about cats, from the eighth-century Pangur Ban to the present, encompasses both the arcane and the familiar, the simple and the satisfyingly subtle. Cats and their Poets contains work by seventy-five writers, from Philip Sidney, Christopher Smart, Cowper, Keats, Rosetti, Dickinson and browning, through to Yeats, Don Marquis, Strachey, Sackville-West, Graves and more!

3. Strictly No Poetry by Aidan Mathews

If you can’t guess from the title, this is quite the quirky collection. It is sure to give you a giggle! In these forty-eight remarkable individual poems and sequences, Mathews lays out his witness to the travails and joys of youth and age, to the passing political parade and the intimacies of nature, to the exigencies of parenthood, of frailty and endurance. Informed by a Dublin sensibility, he holds fast to spiritual traditions while testing the parameters and indulgences of the modern world.

4. Poems and Translations by Robin Flower

We are so fond of this lovely cover design! It is also one of Lilliput’s most popular poetry books! First published in 1931, this collection of Robin Flower’s enchanting lyric poetry combines with his translations from the old, medieval and modern periods of Irish literature. His other books include the Catalogue of Irish Manuscripts in the British Museum (Vol.II, 1926), The Western Island (1944), The Irish Tradition (1994) and a translation of The Islandman (1934) by Tomás O Criomhthain.

5. The Poet’s Chair by Nuala Ni Dhomhnail, Paul Durcan and John Montague

Looking for a collection of works from multiple talented authors? This book has a bit of everything in it! Celebrating nearly a decade of the Ireland Chair of Poetry, The Poet’s Chair brings together public lectures given by the first three Ireland Professors of Poetry, John Montague, Nuala Ni Dhomnhaill and Paul Durcan, during their time in tenure. The Poet’s Chair highlights the intellectual strength and diversity of Ireland’s poetic elite.


Everybody loves a good bit of poetry! What is your favourite title on today’s list?