Top 35 Books in 35 Years!


Christmas is getting closer and closer! If you need some gift ideas look no further than today’s listing of our Top 35 Lilliput books in 35 years! Today’s list, handpicked by Lilliput’s office pup, Phoebe, has something for every reader in your family.


1. The Ginger Man by J.P Donleavy

Hurry in, this book is rare! The Ginger Man is simply one of the great comic novels of post-war Europe – an anarchic, light-hearted, rambunctious twentieth-century classic following the social and sexual peregrinations of a footloose American student on the streets and in the pubs of Dublin. Dorothy Parker wrote of it, ‘stunning . . . brilliant . . . The Ginger Man is the picaresque novel to stop them all’.

2. Stopping by Woods by Donal Magner

Stopping by Woods is a fascinating guide to 340 forests and woodlands open to the public throughout Ireland. Donal Magner writes with rare insight about forests he has worked in and visited over the years as a forester and journalist. The book is the first of its kind ever produced in Ireland and Europe, it is packed with information not only about forests and tree species, but their associated flora and fauna, history and heritage. This is another rare book that would make a great gift for a nature lover like Phoebe!

3. Dolmen Press edited by Maurice Harmon

Did you know The Lilliput Press takes its inspiration from The Dolmen Press? The Dolmen Press, which operated under the guiding hand of Liam Miller from 1951 to 1987, was a beacon in a dark time for Irish publishing and occupies a central position in the story of Irish poetry after Yeats. This collection of essays, edited by the scholar and poet Maurice Harmon, is a testament to the achievement of Dolmen from the hands of the people who were closest to the Press.

4. Dublin 7 by Bernard Neary

Phoebe loves going for walks around Dublin 7! Dublin 7 is rich in history and fast becoming an increasingly prominent part of the city. It is home to a vibrant cultural scene, growing around existing monuments and sites of national importance. The Phoenix Park, Arbour Hill Cemetery, Smithfield Square, Four Courts and National Museum Collins Barracks all bear the postal code. Neary combines oral history, archival research and personal recollections to create fascinating sketches of the various neighbourhoods, key figures and notable events.

5. Cooking in Ten Minutes by Edouard de Pomiane

Like every good dog, Phoebe loves a snack! Cooking in Ten Minutes, subtitled The Adaption to the Rhythm of Our Time, features over 300 recipes, all of which can be prepared in ten minutes – no microwave required. Here we find ultra-rapid soups, extemporary sauces, instantaneous egg dishes, together with vegetable, fish and meat recipes, and sweets that can be prepared rapidly. Introduction by Raymond Blanc, drawings by André Giroux. Uncomplicated, wonderful recipes in a witty and informal gourmet style, this book is full of yummy food!


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