The Ondt and The Gracehoper


THE ONDT AND THE GRACEHOPER is James Joyce’s peculiar and hilarious re-telling of Aesop’s ancient fable of ‘The Ant and the Grasshopper’. Joyce’s versionis presented in Part III, Chapter 1 of his last great work, Finnegans Wake (1939). This book consists of forty-six colour illustrations by Irish artist Thomas McNally that run alongside Joyce’s text. Each illustration is based on a line from the fable; taken together, they help to interpret and illuminate the work. Seventy-five years on from the original publication, this illustrated edition of Joyce’s fable offers to readers a comedic, much needed entry-point into Finnegans Wake, and to its apprehension and appreciation. Although Joyce’s novel is often described as one of the … Continue reading The Ondt and The Gracehoper

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