Soldiers of Liberty (PB)

A Study of Fenianism, 1858 - 1908

By: Eva Ó Cathaoir

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‘Fenianism’s role in Irish history is controversial and contested. Its penchant
for splits, conspiracies, fiascos and funerals is familiar … Eva Ó Cathaoir’s
panoramic survey is the first comprehensive scholarly account of the movement
from secretive beginning on St Patrick’s Day 1858 to an enigmatic end in
the mid-1920s.’ –  Cormac Ó Gráda

Based on extensive archival research, this fascinating monograph rescues from obscurity the lives of over a thousand Fenians.
Fenianism railed against the depopulation of a post-Famine Ireland, asserting the rights of ordinary people in defiance of the British Empire, then often supported by the emergent Catholic middle class. As a tenacious conspiracy, represented in these islands by the Irish
Republican Brotherhood, Fenianism propagated an independent, egalitarian republic through travelling
organizers and radical newspapers, inspired by the ideals of  Theobald Wolfe Tone.
Soldiers of Liberty traces the secret organization throughout Ireland, Britain, North America and
Australasia, highlighting the contribution of Fenian women and the often tragic lives of committed activists, while revealing the hitherto-unknown fate of ubiquitous informers enlisted by Dublin Castle.

  • This volume will be of interest to local and national historians.
  • The detail and depth of the information in this book will make it an invaluable resource for researchers and libraries. The book includes completely original material.
  • Families from each townland are listed in detail.
  • Strong regional interest and up to 100 photos included.
  • Special emphasis and investigation on the role of women during this time, a previously underappreciated group.



1 review for Soldiers of Liberty (PB)

  1. Lilliput Press

    The Fenians have long been under appreciated, understood, and the author has done a wonderful job melding both the Fenians in Ireland and America. Great job! – MOYLAGH

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