Nothing is Written in Stone

The Notebooks of Justin Keating

By: Barbara Hussey , Anna Kealy

Edited by: Barbara Hussey , Anna Kealy


Justin Keating (1930–2009), perhaps best known as a Labour Party politician, was also a senator, MEP, scientist, journalist, veterinarian, educator, award-winning television pioneer and broadcaster, a documentary filmmaker and farmer. A lifelong atheist, he became president of the Humanist Association of Ireland.

This absorbing book chronicles Keating’s personal and political odyssey, from earliest memories to old age. Genial, conversational and emphatic in tone, he was a candid raconteur, whether writing about Noël Browne, Sean McBride, Garret FitzGerald, Charles Haughey, Conor Cruise-O’Brien and their era, admitting ‘I have been in love four and a half times,’ or mapping his journey from the Marxism of his youth towards ardently felt, Green-leaning social democracy.

Edited posthumously by his wife, Barbara Hussey, Justin Keating’s notebooks are an in-depth, impassioned account of the interests and opinions of one of Ireland’s most wide-ranging intellectuals. His prescience encompassed the perils of nationalism, the future of the Left and of Europe, civil liberties, globalization, religion and sexuality, science, education, women’s health, ecology and respect for the natural world. Nothing Is Written in Stone forms a brilliant self-portrait of this multi-faceted radical, whose vision of Ireland and the world remains of enduring relevance.

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1 March 2017