Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule

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‘In this book of short pieces Donleavy has given us the lyric poems to go with his epics. They are almost all elegies – sad songs of decayed hope, bitter little jitterbuggings of an exasperated soul, with barracuda bites of lacerating humour he brings blood-red into the gray of fate. These stories and sketches move between Europe and America, New York and Dublin and London. America is always the spoiled paradise, the land of the curdled milk and maggoty honey. The place that used to get you in the end, but that now does it in the beginning.’ Newsweek

‘The stories are swift, imaginative, beautiful and funny, and no contemporary writer is better than J. P. Donleavy at his best.’ The New Yorker

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1 review for Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule

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    “JP Donleavy is a writer in the truest sense of the word. What other authors achieve with plot and spectacle Donleavy achieves with a clever turn of phrase, a telling character portrait or a heart-breaking anecdote. These short stories will leave you laughing. Or crying. Or deep in reflection. They will all, certainly, leave you satisfied.”

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October 2011