March 2018

From a Low and Quiet Sea

The Dublin Edition

By: Donal Ryan

Limited edition of the fifth publication by one of Ireland’s foremost literary talents.

 ‘Ryan’s work has set a benchmark to which other writers will aspire.’ – John Boyne

‘[Donal Ryan] writes with a social accuracy that is devastating.’ – Anne Enright

‘The novel, written at white heat in sentences that sometimes flow for a full paragraph, reads compulsively and is delivered with an impressively disciplined power.’ – The Irish Times on All We Shall Know (2016)

Three men. Each searching for something they have lost. Each, in his turn, trying to make sense of the road he has chosen.

For Farouk, family is all. He has protected his wife and daughter as best he can from the war and hatred that has torn Syria apart. If they stay, they will lose their freedom, will become lesser persons. If they flee, they will lose all they have known of home, for some intangible dream of refuge in some faraway land across the merciless sea.

Lampy is distracted; he has too much going on. He has Eleanor for a bit of fun, but she’s not Chloe, and Chloe took his heart away when she left him. There’s the secret his mother will never tell him. His granddad’s little sniping jokes are getting on his wick. And on top of all that, he has a bus to drive; those old folks from the home can’t wait all day.

The game was always the lifeblood coursing through John’s veins: manipulating people for his enjoyment, or his enrichment, or his spite. But it was never enough. The ghost of his beloved brother, and the bitter disappointment of his father, have shadowed him all his life. And now it’s cold – so very cold – and that lifeblood is slowing down, and he’s not sure if God will listen to his pleas for forgiveness.

Three men, searching for some version of home, their lives moving inexorably towards a reckoning that will draw them all together.


Dimensions 138 x 207 mm

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