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Look Who’s Here

Book 3 in the Mindfully Me Series

By: Rose Finerty , Louise Shanagher


‘I was so impressed with [Louise and Rose] and the way they taught [that] I bought a bunch of books to take back with me to the U.S. … The meditation teachers that go through our Meditation Teacher Academy have really enjoyed [It’s Always There and Where is Happy?].’ – Sarah McLean, Director of the McLean Teacher Academy Institute

Working in mental health, I see the importance of helping children become more aware of their emotions and how teaching [children] about emotions from a young age helps them become more resilient and confident in later life … This book can assist children with naming emotions, and understanding what they are feeling and why … The message in this book is as beautiful as its illustrations and it manages to balance being a gorgeous book … with having a very positive and important message.’ —Nicola Dywer, health psychologist, on Where is Happy?

This is the third book in the Mindfully Me series, which is the first collection of books about mindfulness to be directed at Irish primary school-age children.

Aligns with primary school SPHE Strand 1, ‘Myself’, and is aligned with the Aistear framework.

Contains tips on how children as young as five years old can learn how to express a range of emotions.

Lesson plans are available at www.loulourose.net, which show teachers how to integrate this books into SPHE classes for ages 4 to 8.

Look Who’s Here by Louise Shanagher and Rose Finerty is the third book in a new series that addresses the rise in young children’s anxiety and stress in a practical and helpful way. Look Who’s Here helps children to see their thoughts and feelings as visitors simply passing by, and it encourages children to have a friendly attitude towards them. This book helps children to understand and manage difficult thoughts and emotions, encouraging them to relate to their feelings with mindfulness and self-compassion. Effective coping skills and techniques are introduced in a fun, accessible way. Workbook pages are also included that help parents and children work on the themes of the book together and reinforces the message of the story.

For schools that wish to order Look Who’s Here, please contact publicity@lilliputpress.ie directly.



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  1. Lilliput Press

    Look Who’s Here by Louise Shanagher and Rose Finerty. Book 3 of the Mindfully Me Series is another winning title from the creative minds of Lou Lou Rose. Look Who’s Here does a great job of universalizing feelings and emotions by reinforcing the message that everyone has them and if you can take a moment to just notice them in yourself that you will be ok because self knowledge is the key to inner peace. I loved the diverse names used in the book’s lilting rhymes, making for whole lot of fun word play. This book is full of positive ways to notice and address big feelings in an engaging and identifiable way. – EVE

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