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It’s Always There

Book 1 in the Mindfully Me series

By: Rose Finerty , Louise Shanagher


Meditation Teacher Academy have really enjoyed [It’s Always There and Where is Happy?].’– Sarah McLean, Director of the McLean Institute Teacher Academy

‘These are wonderful children’s books. Well-written and easy for children and adults to understand … Handy tools to let kids open up for interaction … A tool for all parents to have.’ Srimanju Katragadda, author of Connect to Your Inner Guide (Hay House)

‘A treasure in the infant classroom. The children often call it their favourite book and it almost instantly creates a calming, safe atmosphere for them … The children definitely gain coping skills from this book … The impact of this book in my classroom has been hugely beneficial and I look forward to using it again and again.’ – Edel Walsh, Primary School Teacher

  • This is the first book in the Mindfully Me series, which is the first collection of books about mindfulness to be directed at Irish primary school-age children.
  • Aligns with primary school SPHE Strand 1, ‘Myself’, and is aligned with the Aistear framework.
  • Contains tips on how children as young as five years old can learn calming techniques and self-esteem.
  • Lesson plans are available at which show teachers how to integrate this book into SPHE classes for ages 4 to 8.
  • Each book in the Lou Lou Rose series introduces effective and evidence-based techniques which have been proven to promote positive mental health and well-being.
  • ‘I was so impressed with [Louise and Rose] and the way they taught [that] I bought a bunch of books to take back with me to the U.S. … The meditation teachers that go through our

It’s Always There by Louise Shanagher and Rose Finerty is the first book in a new series that addresses the rise in young children’s anxiety and stress in a practical and helpful way. This beautiful children’s meditation book promotes peace, calm and happiness in a way children can relate to. Come on a journey through cloudy days when you don’t feel so good and learn a secret trick to help you find your sunshine again.

 It’s Always There focuses on breathing patterns as a practical method of helping children deal with situations they find stressful. An intriguing story introduces the technique in a way that is easy for children to follow, and workbook pages encourage them to focus on the here and now, let their troubles go and envisage their thoughts as passing clouds. Beautifully illustrated, it is rare to find such a delightful book aimed at the mental health and self-confidence of younger children.

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  1. Lilliput Press

    It’s Always There A children’s meditation book for mindfulness, calm and happiness by Louise Shanagher and Rose Finerty is truly one of the best children’s mindfulness books that I have come across. The book is full of thoughts that pique the interest and understanding the art of mindfulness is easily accessible for children and is written into lovely, flowing rhyming sequences. The artwork is adorable. I love the textured painting juxtaposed onto photographic backgrounds and sprinkled with computer-generated flowers. It’s completely endearing! – EVE

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