Helen Rock’s Irish Gardening

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Helen Rock, whose column in The Sunday Tribune features the finest garden writing to be found in Ireland, has gathered and adapted the best of those essays into a volume that will immediately establish itself as the Irish gardener’s most useful, and readable, companion.

The book is divided into four sections: ‘Plant Profiles’, ‘Design & amp; Tactics’, ‘Gardens Great and Small’ and ‘The Gardener’s Calendar’. Whether rhapsodizing about the qualities of borage or lemon trees, describing the great gardens at Ardgillan Castle and Strokestown, explaining how to plant a potager or a hedgerow, or painting a picture of the Irish garden in mid-October, Helen Rock conveys the artistry and drama of gardening while never lapsing, as many garden writers do, into fantasy, or forgetting that most gardeners are interested in practical advice above all else. This Helen Rock supplies in abundance, in graceful, witty prose that makes this a book gardeners will bring out into the garden with them, and then bring to bed at night.

Illustrated with nineteenth-century engravings and fully indexed.

HELEN ROCK was born in Dublin. She has been a writer and journalist for over twenty years. Her gardening column has appeared in The Sunday Tribune since 1995. She also writes regularly for The Irish Garden and other periodicals.

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    “The last few years have seen the publication of a spate of books on Irish gardens and gardening, as publishers look further afield than the well-trodden British staples to feed blossoming public interest. Helen Rock is the gardening correspondent for Irish newspaper The Sunday Tribune and her book, a collection of her weekly columns, is a lively, succinct introduction to the subject. It includes pithily atmospheric profiles of the best Irish gardens (and gardeners) past and present, with such surprises as the Lutyens designed
    War Memorial Garden in Dublin, and Seamus O’Donnell’s nursery in the remote north-west of Donegal, specialising in hardy seaside plants. When you read her vivid descriptions of these places you want to visit them immediately. Her plant profiles and sections on design and the gardening calendar underline the fact that Ireland is indeed another country, climatologically as well as culturally, and you can never presume that your knowledge of what will do (and when) on this side of the Irish Sea will hold true on the Emerald Isle itself.”

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