Goodly Barrow: A Voyage on an Irish River

‘Not so much a book to be read as a wine to be savoured. … The blend of scholarship and imaginative sensibility is rare.’ – Sean O’Faolain Goodly Barrow is a long-unavailable classic that charts the history and character of Ireland’s second-longest river, from the Slieve Bloom Mountains to the sea in Waterford. T.F. O’Sullivan’s riverine narrative embraces legend and song, literature and anecdote, viewing Irish history through the prism of the waterway: from the early tribal kingdoms of the Celts, to the Vikings and Normans who made passage up the estuary, leaving a legacy of castles, abbeys, monasteries and towns; from the Tudor and Cromwellian settlements on the fertile plains of Carlow and Kildare, … Continue reading Goodly Barrow: A Voyage on an Irish River

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