Lingard Goulding


Lingard Goulding was hatched at Hatch Street, Dublin, in 1940. He passed the war years dodging bombs with his Nanny in England, while his parents dealt with Herr Hitler. Educated at Ludgrove, Winchester and Trinity College, Dublin, he spent his twenties mining in Australia, programming early computers, racing powerful cars, manufacturing fertilisers and marketing Irish jewellery. Disenchanted with industry, he took an H.Dip. Ed. and taught at Brook House for four years.

He joined Headfort in 1974, serving as Headmaster from 1977 until 2001. He ran the first twenty-one Dublin marathons, but has since been cured of the complaint. Each F1 Grand Prix is his ‘Holy Hour’. He enjoys fiddling with words; quaffing affordable wine; listening to Mozart, Handel, Brubeck, Artie Shaw, Fats Waller; and dabbling in cricket and squash. In 2005 he retired from winters; he now spends six months each year working at St Peter’s College and Goodwood Cricket Club in Adelaide; the other six months he recuperates at Headfort.