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Beckett's Friendship
André Bernold
ISBN: 9781843516408

‘Despite his deep sense of privacy, Beckett’s persona has been so widely written about that it has become unavoidably mixed up in our imagination with what Bernold calls his “creatures”. Whether or not Barthes and Foucault were right to dismiss the figure of the author, when confronted with Vladimir wincing or Krapp hunched over his tape recorder or Molloy resting on his bicycle, one’s mind always seems to turn to the “gentle mask” placed over the “severe ossature” that has been immortalized in John Minihan’s photographs, surely among the most iconic images of the twentieth century. We simply cannot help it.’ (From the translator’s Preface)Meeting during their daily sojourn in the Luxemburg Gardens, with conversations noted and hesitancies observed, the gradual exfoliation of a personality is revealed across the last decade of Beckett’s life as one intellectual appraises another. This is a charming and sympathetic study of one of literature’s most opaque writers and of his interests in music, philosophy, visual arts and the spoken arts. In shedding sympathetic light on a famously private Irishman abroad in Paris, these verbal exposures complement the contemporaneous and intimate black-and white photographs of John Minihan taken in the same environs.
Born 1958 in Alsace and a graduate of École Normale Supérieure, Bernold is author of a study of the critic Deleuze and of a memoir, Broken Silk. He teaches in the USA.
Born in Dublin in 1946, Minihan worked as a photographic apprentice with the London Daily Mail from 1962 until 1967. He joined the London Evening Standard aged 21 and became the youngest staff photographer on Fleet Street. His photographs of Bacon, Beckett, and Burroughs have been exhibited at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, The National Portrait Gallery and around the world. Lilliput will publish the best of his work in Minihan: Seventy on Seventy in 2016. 


Charlie Chaplin's Wishbone and other stories
Aidan Mathews
ISBN: 9781843516415

These twelve masterful short stories are by one of Ireland’s leading practitioners of the art (previous collections include Adventures in a Bathyscope, 1998, and Lipstick on the Host, 1992). Mathews is a writer worthy of Joyce, whose condensed language conveys learning, sophistication, true feeling and poignancy. The range of subject matter is conveyed in the story titles: ‘Charlie Chaplain’s Wishbone’, 'Access’, ‘Barber-Surgeons’, ‘Waking a Jew’, ‘Cuba’, ‘The Seven Affidavits of Saint-Artaud’, ‘A Woman from Walkinstown’, ‘In the Form of Fiction’, ‘The Logos of the Zoo’, and ‘Information for the User’. The stories are set in Ireland and principally in Dublin of the 1960s.
Characterisation is rich and the dialogue lively and expressive, while the understated dramas and emotions of the tales themselves subtly washing over the reader. The verbal flair of Aidan Mathews is second to none, and the seriousness and the gravity of his contemplations a welcome counterweight to our desiccated, Anglo-American digital culture. This gathering marks a welcome return of a major voice in Irish literature, unpublished since the 1990s.
Dublin-born Aidan Mathews, educated at Gonzaga, UCD and Stanford, is a poet (Minding Ruth), playwright, novelist (Muesli at Midnight), short story teller & broadcaster. He is also a producer of drama at RTE. 
The Boy in the Mask: The Hidden World of Lawrence of Arabia
Dick Benson-Gyles
ISBN: 978 1 84351 6569

This groundbreaking work chronicles the author’s quest to uncover previously unexplained areas of the life  of  T.E.  Lawrence,  the  enigmatic  desert  fighter,  aircraftman  and  writer.  The  result  of  years  of painstaking  research,  it  contains  new  material  that  throws  a  completely  fresh  light  on  Lawrence’s concealed private life. Following an extraordinary  journey to find the unknown man behind the many myths, the book’s two halves are woven together by the author’s personal mission to reveal the man behind the mask; the secret Lawrence.

Part  One  reveals  Lawrence’s  lost  Irish  heritage  – his  father’s  real  family  (the  aristocratic,  Anglo-Irish Chapmans),  his  abandoned  half-sisters  (with  evocative  interviews),  his  illegitimacy,  and  his  mother’s obscure forebears. The author shows, for the first time, that his concealment from his titled and wealthy Irish family affected Lawrence more deeply than previously thought; and a surprising truth emerges – that he thought of himself not as English but as Irish. The book’s compelling narrative is powerfully supported by  a  wide  range  of  unseen  documentary  photographs.  These  include  a  complete  Chapman  family sequence and views of Killua Castle and South Hill, the family seats in Westmeath.

The second part, which follows the author’s adventurous travels to the Middle East in search of Lawrence’s lost love, has a surprising dénouement – a convincing solution to the mysterious and cryptic dedication to S.A. of his book, Seven Pillars of Wisdom. The author also presents new evidence to vindicate Lawrence’s account in the Seven Pillars of the brutal sexual assault on him at Deraa during the Arab Revolt of 1916–18, a controversial episode that has often been questioned.

Dick Benson-Gyles, who lives in Plymouth in the West of England, was educated at Marlborough College and is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. A newspaper journalist for many years, specializing in sports and news coverage, he has also been an archaeologist in Baghdad and TV documentary presenter.

The Bull of Sherriff Street The Life and Work of John Behan, Irish Sculptor
Adrian Frazier
ISBN: 978 1 8435 1 6583

Adrian Frazier’s story about his friend John Behan is an informed, compelling personal account
of this remarkable man. It gives focus and depth to the life of one of Ireland’s leading visual
artists. The narrative follows Behan’s childhood in east Dublin to his role as a pivotal member of the
creative fusion that was 1960s Dublin ‘Baggotonia’ (including Patrick Kavanagh, John
Montague, Seamus Heaney, Patrick Pye, Camille Souter and Thomas Kinsella) and of the
Independent Artists’ group. John Behan has lived in Galway for many years, helping to
establish the region and the city as a creative haven for its many artists and galleries: it is here
that author and sculptor became friends.

Beautifully designed and with over thirty full-colour photographs and illustrations, An Irish
Sculptor is a fitting tribute and celebration of Ireland’s most famous living sculptor. The work
includes a listing of one hundred of the artist’s principal works.

Adrian Frazier is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. He is currently Director of the MA in
Drama and Theatre Studies and the MA in Writing at NUI Galway and has published on Irish
poetry, drama, and fiction of the twentieth century. His book Hollywood Irish: Abbey Actors in
Hollywood, 1936-1953 was published by The Lilliput Press in 2011. He is best known for his
biography George Moore, 1852-1933 (Yale, 2000).

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