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A Delicate Wildness-The Life and Loves of David Thomson, 1914-1988
Julian Vignoles
ISBN: 9781843516330

A Delicate Wildness-the Life and Loves of David Thomson, 1914-1988, is the first exploration of the contribution - and soul - of a relatively unsung but uniquely talented man. This resonant biography boasts more than 50 unseen photographs. 

Thomson was a Scotsman who became an honorary Irishman, writer, folklorist and radio producer. His life took a fateful turn when, while a history student at Oxford, Thomson came to County Roscommon in the early 1930s as tutor to an Anglo-Irish family. He fell in love with the daughter of the house, became a farmer and 'went native', caught up in the history and landscape of counties Roscommon and Leitrim. 

He wrote his first book when he was forty, The People of the Sea, an exploration of seal lore. He went on to write eleven published works including autobiographical fiction, before turning to the genre in which he most excelled-memoir: Woodbrook (1974), about his time in Ireland, is regarded as an Arcadian masterpiece and minor classic. For his final book, Nairn in Darkness and Light, he returned to the north of Scotland to meditate on childhood, and was made Scottish Writer of the Year in 1988. 

David Thomson had an impish grin, was wary of literati and drank with the London homeless. His friend Seamus Heaney described him as having a 'delicate wildness'. 

The author: Julian Vignoles, born 1953, is a native of County Wicklow. He attended University College Dublin, and began his working career in Hot Press. He joined RTÉ Radio in 1979 and later won three Jacobs Awards for documentary work. He moved to television as a producer/director and was Assistant Head of Entertainment for four years. This is his first book.


Fathers Come First
Rosita Sweetman
ISBN: 9781843516347

Rosita Sweetman's first novel exploded onto the literary scene in 1974, selling over 60,000 copies within the decade. Now reissued as a modern Irish classic on the fortieth anniversary of its publication, with a fresh Afterword, it describes the sentimental education of a school-leaver abroad in the city, and is as fresh and relevant today as when it first appeared. It's the story of Liz, a girl wanting her father, losing her mother, wishing to be a lady, and learning to be a bitch in the sexual jungle of middle-class Dublin: a world of bedsits and bezzies, modelling and waitressing, flats, cocktail parties, and dreams of men. 

The author: Rosita Sweetman, born in 1948, a Dublin-based writer and journalist, was one of Ireland's earliest and most achieved feminists. She is author of the celebrated 'On Our Knees': Ireland 1972, twenty-four profiled of Irish people north and south, and On Our Backs (1979), twenty-seven further interviews that sketch Ireland's changing sexual attitudes in the last quarter of the twentieth century. 

Ireland's Great War
Kevin Myers
ISBN: 9781843516354

Kevin Myers pioneered the study of the Irish in the Great War. His first article on the subject appreared in November 1979, based on the only major interview with the Irish Victoria Cross winner, Sargeant Jack Moyney VC. His many subsequent articles and talks on the subject over subsequent decades have covered the entire historical and military spectrum, from the first Irish deaths in a naval engagement in the North Sea on 6 August 1914, with the sinking of HMS Amphion, to the very last shots, shortly before 11 am, at the Second Battle of Mons, on 11 November 1918, which fatally wounded an Irish cavalryman. 

This is a selection of his works, drawn from newspaper articles and talks, many of them never published before. It contains new and startling insights into the bravery, stocism and unbearable tragedy of the Irish in the Great War. 

The author: Kevin Myers, writer, broadcaster and novelist (Banks of Green Willow, 2001), is author of the best-selling Watching the Door (2006), a vivid memoir of his time living and working in Belfast between 1971 and 1978. Kevin Myers (2001) is a gathering of his celebrated and provocative Irishman's Diary in The Irish Times, to which he contributed for over twenty-five years. Having written for the Irish Independent, he is now a columnist with The Sunday Times


Johnny O'Leary of Sliabh Luachra
Terry Moylan
ISBN: 9781843516224

Originally published in 1994, this stunning collection of Irish music is re-issued here in a new, entirely re-set edition, containing an additional twenty-five tunes, and new photographs.

The Sliabh Luachra arrea of Cork and Kerry, described as 'more a state of mind than a territory', has no precise boundary. This fertile ground in the heart of Munster is home to a unique style of traditional Irish music. the great fiddle-player Padraig O'Keeffe (1887-1963) lived and taught there, passing on a vibrant musical tradition to Denis Murphy and his daughter Julia Clifford, and to the box-player Johnny O'Leary, master instrumentalist, composer and performer. 

O'Leary, custodian of a huge repertroire of tunes adapted by the Chieftains, De Dannan and Planxty among others, blends Sliabh Luachra airs with older Kerry music, and is hailed as one of its finest exponents. Polkas, slides, reels, jigs and hornpipes make up the tune-sources for the collection; their names alone celebrate places and events, as well as friends, neighbours and associates; they replenish a living tradition, orally transmitted and regionally rooted in popular culture, in which dance and music form twin strands in the fabric of rural community life. Rare and historic photographs of the principal performers are interspersed among the transrciptions. This second edition of Johnny O'Leary of Sliabh Luachra is to be welcomed by all musicians and Irish music enthusiasts. 

The author: Terry Moylan is a musician, archivist for Na Píobairí Uilleann and one of the founding members of the Folk Music Society of Ireland. He has published and lectured on music and dance throughout Ireland, Britain and the USA. 



Laments into Dances
Aidan Carl Mathews
ISBN: 978 1 84351 6187

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Laments Into Dances brings together some of the best writing of Aidan Mathews, poet, commentator and consummate thinker. This collection, published for the first time in one volume, illustrates the
extraordinary breath and depth of a man whose writing is never anything other than flawless: whether he is describing a theatre workshop at Annamakerrig, pondering the wonders of Wicklow, considering
John Moriarty or simply recounting his child’s terrible cycling accident or remembering a formative French exchange and youthful Greek odyssey. All humanity is here, flawed, problematic, but always
loved. Mathews’ thinking is always supple, never prescriptive, as he turns his attention to any amount of subjects, be it Judaisim, photography, Brigitte Bardot, photography or the vagaries of the religious calendar.
The writing falls loosely into three sections: quasi-memoir, theological essays and literary and philosophical considerations: all appeared previously under different guises, published in books, magazines and newspapers or read as radio broadcasts. Linking these often disparate pieces is Mathews’ luminous writing, the sheer energy and clarity he imparts to what are often highly complicated theological conundrums. He never patronises or bewilders, and instead encourages us, through his humorous, irreverent and gentle writing, to consider what he is putting before us. Here is a treasure trove of endless  delights for the enquiring reader, rippled with humour, passion and above all, love.

The author: Aidan Carl Mathews is a Dublin-born poet and dramatist and English high-school teacher. He won the Irish Times Award in 1974; The Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award in 1976; the Macauley Fellowship in 1978-9, the Ina Coolbrith Poetry Prize in 1981; and an Academy of American Poets Award in 1982.

The Strangled Impulse
William King
ISBN: 978 1 84351 621 7

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The Strangled Impulse follows a young curate, who is uprooted from a comfortable middle-class parish to serve the pastoral needs of those who are on the edge in 1990s Ireland. Set against the backdrop of  the Church’s dwindling influence and an increased scritiny of priet’s lives, this is the story of Father O’Neill, confronting both the resistance of a disaffected society and a battle between the demands of his calling and his own humanity.
In the course of his work O’Neill meets a talented, attractive, yet wounded woman; gradually, together they form an alliance of the broken. He became a priest to save souls, yet now, following his vocation threatens to destroy him as he strives to remain an outsider looking in on other people’s lives. O’Neill must decide: will he remain loyal to the promises he made to the bishop on ordination day, or give into the powerful force of his desire for intimacy?

William King’s compelling first novel is re-issued for the first time since its publication in 1997, augmented with an Afterword by the author, reflecting on this work.

The author: William King was born in Kilflynn, County Kerry, in 1945. He studied at University College Dublin and Holy Cross College, Clonliffe, and is parish priest at Corpus Christi, Drumcondra. He is
author of novels The Strangled Impulse (1997), Swansong (2001), Leaving Ardglass (2008) and  Is That All There Is? (2013).

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