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Forthcoming Books
Dublin, The Making of A Capital City - Limited Edition
David Dickson
ISBN: 978 1 84351 6286

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Dublin was always a hybrid place, a melting pot for Viking and Gaelic, Anglo-Norman,
New English, Ulster Scot, Huguenot and Jewish, whence came much of its cultural
singularity. This all-embracing biography of the city, the first undertaken for more than
thirty years, traces the social, economic, cultural and political development of Dublin
and its emergence as one of Europe’s great capitals. Building on modern research, David
Dickson provides an entirely fresh account, ambitious, detailed, inclusive and richly
illustrated. It captures a tantalizingly complex story in a single volume, published here
as a special edition, limited to 76 copies (lettered and numbered), clothbound, cased and
signed by the author.

James Joyce
ISBN: 978 1 84351 0850

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Lilliput re-issues its handsome edition of Dubliners with a new cover to celebrate the centenary of one of the great short-story collections in the English language, first published in London on 15 June 1914 by Grant Richards. This consummate book, illustrated by the artist Louis le Brocquy, was published privately by The Dolmen Press in 1986. The text derives from Robert Scholes’ 1967 edition, which restored Joyce’s original punctuation and corrections. Le Brocquy’s drawings, hieroglyphic ‘shadows thrown by the text’, are haunting accompaniments to these fifteen stories or ‘incidents’ in the life of a city.

Here Are The Young Men
Rob Doyle
ISBN: 978 1 84351 619 4

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After the success of authors Donal Ryan (The Spinning Heart) and Elske Rahill (Between Dog and Wolf), The Lilliput Press continues to release exciting fiction by first-time writers with Rob Doyle’s Here Are The Young Men, a Dublin-based novel that exemplifies the explosive, directionless idealism of youth and how rapidly it can degenerate into something terrifying.
Brilliantly, blackly funny and profoundly shocking, it tells the story of four young men: Cocker, Rez, Kearney and Matthew. Facing into the void that is the rest of their post-school lives, they spend their first summer of freedom in an orgy of self-destruction. Each of them in their own way struggles to keep their connection to reality – a reality they despise, but which conceals a chaos they cannot face. That chaos is personified in Kearney, a sociopath who moves seamlessly between the ultraviolence of his Grand Theft Auto inner life and the real world. Drifting aimlessly through the city, always seeking escape from family, indulging in as much drink and drugs as their money can buy, all four are poised on the edge of a decisive moment in their lives. An accidental moment of violence is the catalyst for Kearney’s transformation from fantasist into real-world psychopath.
Murder, suicide, rape and torture suddenly take a very real shape in their lives, leaving them with a single way out that carries profound moral consequences.

The author: Rob Doyle’s fiction, essays, and criticism have appeared in The Stinging Fly, The Dublin Review, Gorse, The Moth, The Penny Dreadful, and elsewhere. His work has also appeared on RTÉ national radio. Having spent several years in Asia, South America, the US, Sicily, and London, he currently lives in Dublin.

Laments into Dances
Aidan Carl Mathews
ISBN: 978 1 84351 6187

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Laments Into Dances brings together some of the best writing of Aidan Mathews, poet, commentator and consummate thinker. This collection, published for the first time in one volume, illustrates the
extraordinary breath and depth of a man whose writing is never anything other than flawless: whether he is describing a theatre workshop at Annamakerrig, pondering the wonders of Wicklow, considering
John Moriarty or simply recounting his child’s terrible cycling accident or remembering a formative French exchange and youthful Greek odyssey. All humanity is here, flawed, problematic, but always
loved. Mathews’ thinking is always supple, never prescriptive, as he turns his attention to any amount of subjects, be it Judaisim, photography, Brigitte Bardot, photography or the vagaries of the religious calendar.
The writing falls loosely into three sections: quasi-memoir, theological essays and literary and philosophical considerations: all appeared previously under different guises, published in books, magazines and newspapers or read as radio broadcasts. Linking these often disparate pieces is Mathews’ luminous writing, the sheer energy and clarity he imparts to what are often highly complicated theological conundrums. He never patronises or bewilders, and instead encourages us, through his humorous, irreverent and gentle writing, to consider what he is putting before us. Here is a treasure trove of endless  delights for the enquiring reader, rippled with humour, passion and above all, love.

The author: Aidan Carl Mathews is a Dublin-born poet and dramatist and English high-school teacher. He won the Irish Times Award in 1974; The Patrick Kavanagh Poetry Award in 1976; the Macauley Fellowship in 1978-9, the Ina Coolbrith Poetry Prize in 1981; and an Academy of American Poets Award in 1982.

Nevill Johnson 1911 - 1999; Artist, Wriet, Photographer
Eoin O'Brien
ISBN: 978 1 84351 629 3

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Nevill Johnson is better known as a painter and photographer than as a writer. However, his autobiography, The Other Side of Six (1983), while garnering excellent reviews, did not receive the acclaim it deserved. Eoin O’Brien, a close friend of Nevill Johnson and literary executor of his estate, has edited the artist’s writings in this volume for the first time.
The resulting book, which includes a selection of his celebrated Dublin photographs of the early 50s, provides an intriguing insight into the life, personal circumstances, the beliefs and aesthetic views of one of the most serious and innovative artists of the twentieth century. Nevill Johnson was an artist who portrayed Dublin with such force and originality of expression in painting and photography that it is high time his literary oeuvre be presented for evaluation.

Romancing Ireland:Richard Hayward 1892 -1964
Paul Clements
ISBN: 978 1 84351 6248

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Richard Hayward was one of Ireland's best loved cultural figures from the mid-twentieth century. A popular singer and actor (The Luck of the Irish, 1935), he also wrote travel books (In Praise of Ulster, 1938, Where the River Shannon Flows, 1940), led groups on tours of Ireland and was a theatrical impresario; in between times he was a salesman for Fox's Glacier Mints and a chocolate sweet company.

A largely forgotten figure in the Irish cultural world, Hayward left behind a formidable body of work in books and recordings. He moved easily between parallel worlds of film making, the theatre, broadcasting and singing and writing and his life touched many people. 

In this painstakingly researched account of an extraordinary life, Paul Clements has mastered a huge amount of archival information. The book covers all of his life providing fresh insights through the lens of remarkable material from hitherto unknown sources, and a wealth of rare photographs. Paul Clements has scrutinised thousands of documents and literary fragments in archives throughout Ireland and Britain, producing a balanced reflection on Hayward's books, songs, films and ideas, which tell the extraordinary story of his four decades in the public spotlight.

This absorbing and timely biography, commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of Hayward's death in 1964, draws on an array of primary sources, including previously unseen letters, and paint a refreshingly readable portrait of the man and his times. A landmark book, it is the first biography of a man who captured changing Ireland and retrieves his legacy.

The author: Paul Clements is a writer, broadcaster and journalist. Author of travel books Irish Shores:A journey round the rim of Ireland (1993), The Height of Nonsense: The ultimate Irish road trip (2005) and Burren County:Travels through an Irish limestone landscape (2011), he has written scores of articles for magazines and newspapers around the world. A former BBC journalist, he has also written two books on the travel writer and historian Jan Morris. He lives in Belfast and has one son.



The Ondt and The Gracehoper
Tom McNally
ISBN: 978 1 84351 627 9

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The Ondt and the Gracehoper is James Joyce’s peculiar and hilarious re-telling of Aesop’s
ancient fable The Ant and the Grasshopper. Joyce’s version is presented in his last great
work, Finnegans Wake. Although Aesop’s fable has been illustrated many times, Joyce’s
unique take has never been interpreted. This book consists of a series of vibrant colour
illustrations by Irish artist Thomas McNally; each picture is based on a line from the
fable and, taken together, they illuminate Joyce’s re-telling. The fable and its drawings
are supplemented with an Introduction by the artist and an accompanying essay by
Finnegans Wake textual scholar Danis Rose.


The Strangled Impulse
William King
ISBN: 978 1 84351 621 7

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The Strangled Impulse follows a young curate, who is uprooted from a comfortable middle-class parish to serve the pastoral needs of those who are on the edge in 1990s Ireland. Set against the backdrop of  the Church’s dwindling influence and an increased scritiny of priet’s lives, this is the story of Father O’Neill, confronting both the resistance of a disaffected society and a battle between the demands of his calling and his own humanity.
In the course of his work O’Neill meets a talented, attractive, yet wounded woman; gradually, together they form an alliance of the broken. He became a priest to save souls, yet now, following his vocation threatens to destroy him as he strives to remain an outsider looking in on other people’s lives. O’Neill must decide: will he remain loyal to the promises he made to the bishop on ordination day, or give into the powerful force of his desire for intimacy?

William King’s compelling first novel is re-issued for the first time since its publication in 1997, augmented with an Afterword by the author, reflecting on this work.
The author: William King was born in Kilflynn, County Kerry, in 1945. He studied at University College Dublin and Holy Cross College, Clonliffe, and is parish priest at Corpus Christi, Drumcondra. He is
author of novels The Strangled Impulse (1997), Swansong (2001), Leaving Ardglass (2008) and IsThat All There Is? (2013).

Turtle Was Gone A Long Time, Volume 1; Crossing The Kedron
John Moriarty
ISBN: 978 1 84351 563 1

The long-unavailable first volume of Moriarty’s Turtle trilogy is finally back in print. Diving to the floor of the abyss to find intuitions of the world, the work is a mystical quest, from form to void and back, enacting one of the central themes of European literature, the journey from Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained. Ambitious, Dantesque, shamanic, this Beagle voyage across Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Aboriginal and Native American waters seeks the myths, stories, parables and great sayings that guides and enlightens us in our openness, and availability, to the Transcendent. It is no less than an odyssey to the earth in which each reader is invited to plumb his own depths, and to emerge sacrilized and renewed.

What The Curlew Said
John Moriarty
ISBN: 978 1 843511 24 3

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The great Irish philosopher’s biographical sequel to Nostos is made available again after being out of print for several years. In this posthumously published work, Moriarty calls to account the literatures and legacies of European thought made manifest in the western extremities of Ireland. They bear witness to his own inner and outer journey, as documented in this compelling masterwork, the story of his life in Connemara during the 1980s and subsequent return to his native Kerry.
‘The Classical, Eastern and Amer-Indian legends that have informed Moriarty’s life are recreated or re-enacted in this deeply personal document, which is rich in encounters with the physical world and tender episodes of love and loss.’ – Tim Robinson

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