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The Lilliput Press
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Kevin Casey ... A State of Mind
Tim Robinson ... My Time in Space
Mona Hearn ... Below Stairs: Domestic Service Remembered in Dublin and Beyond, 1880-1922
John Ryan ... Remembering How We Stood. Bohemian Dublin at the Mid-Century
Michael Kirby ... Skelligs Calling
J.P. Donleavy ... The History of the Ginger Man: An Autobiography
Denyse Woods ... Overnight to Innsbruck
Sebastian Balfour, Laurie Howes, Michael de Larribeiti, Anthony Weale (Eds) ... Trinity Tales: Trinity College Dublin in the Sixties
J.P. Donleavy ... The Lady Who Liked Clean Restrooms
J.P. Donleavy ... J.P Donleavy: An Author and His Image
Tom Mac Intyre ... Story of a Girl
J.P. Donleavy ... The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B
Bob Quinn ... The Atlantean Irish: Ireland's Oriental and Maritime Heritage
Jonathan Shackleton & John MacKenna ... Shackleton: An Irishman in Antarctica
J.P. Donleavy ... Meet My Maker the Mad Molecule
J.P. Donleavy ... The Saddest Summer of Samuel S
Lorcan Roche ... The Companion
Terry Moylan ... The Age of Revolution in the Irish Song Tradition 1776-1815
C.S. Andrews ... Man of No Property
Tim Robinson ... Tales and Imaginings
Catherine Donnelly ... The State of Grace
Padraic O'Farrell ... Who's Who in the Irish War of Independence and Civil War: 1619-1923
Richard Douthwaite ... Short Circuit: Strengthening Local Economics for Security in an Unstable World
John P. Duggan ... Neutral Ireland and the Third Reich
Padraic O'Farrell ... The '98 Reader: An Anthology of song, prose and poetry
J.B Lyons ... Surgeon Major Parke's African Journey 1887- 1889,
Nicholas Grene (Ed.) ... J.M. Synge, Travelling Ireland: Essays 1898-1908
Aodogan O'Rahilly  ... Winding the Clock: O'Rahilly and the 1916 Rising
George O'Brien ... The Village of Longing
Niall Rudd ... Pale Green, Light Orange: A Portrait of Bourgois Ireland 1930-1950
J.P. Donleavy ... A Fairy Tale of New York
Tim Robinson ... Setting Foot on the Shores of Connemara and Other Writings
C.S. Andrews ... Dublin Made Me
W.J. McCormack ... Sheridan Le Fanu and Victorian Ireland: A Life of the Hymn-writer 1818-1895
Vivien Igoe ... James Joyce's Dublin Houses & Nora Barnacle's Galway
Fritz Senn & Christine O'Neill (Ed.) ... Joycean Murmoirs: Fritz Senn on James Joyce
Valerie Wallace ... Mrs. Alexander: A Life of the Hymn-Writer
John A. Ryan ... Song of Duiske
J.P. Donleavy ... The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman
Patrick Kavanagh & Antoinette Quinn (Ed.) ... A Poet's Country
Cormac K.H. O'Malley & Anne Dolan ... 'No Surrender Here!' The Civil War Papers of Ernie O'Malley 1922-1924
Tom Dunne ... Rebellions: Memoir, Memory and 1798
Michael Kirby ... Skelligs Sunset
Terry Prone ... Mirror, Mirror: Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Addict
Desmond Hogan ... Larks' Eggs: New and Selected Stories
Edouard de Pomiane. Introduction by Elizabeth David  ... Cooking with Pomiane
Walter J.P Curley ... Vanishing Kingdoms: The Irish Chiefs and Their Families HB
Walter J.P Curley  ... Vanishing Kingdoms: The Irish Chiefs and Their Families PB
Marjorie Quarton ... Breakfast the Night Before: Recollections of an Irish Horse Dealer
K.W. Nicholls ... Gaelic and Gaelicized Ireland in the Middle Ages
J.P. Donleavy ... Leila Further in the Life and Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman
J.P. Donleavy ... A Singular Country
Philip Orr ... Field of Bones: An Irish Division at Gallipoli
Kevin Myers ... Watching the Door: A Memoir 1971-1978
Tommy Sands ... The Songman
George O'Brien ... Dancehall Days
T.J. McElligott ... This Teaching Life: A Memoir of schooldays in Ireland
Averil Swinfen ... The Irish Donkey
John Moriarty ... What the Curlew Said: Nostos Continued
John Moriarty ... Serious Sounds
Irene Whelan ... The Bible War in Ireland: The 'Second Reformation' and the Polarization of Protestant-Catholic Relations, 1800-1840
J.P. Donleavy ... Schultz
Tom Dunne ... Rebellions: Memoir, Memory and 1798
Hubert Butler ... The Appleman and the Poet
Joseph Hone ... Goodbye Again
John Wyse Jackson & Hector McDonnell ... Ireland's Other Poetry: Anonymous to Zozimus (Limited Edition)
Rob Doyle ... Here are the Young Men
Colm Toibin ... Lady Gregory's Toothbrush
Hugh Fitzgerald Ryan ... The Devil to Pay: The Story of Alice and Petronilla
Daniil Kharms (author) and Neil Cornwell (translator) ... The Plummeting Old Women
Edited by Cormac K.H. O'Malley and Nicholas Allen ... Broken Landscapes: Selected Letters of Ernie O'Malley 1924-1957
Jonathan Williams (Ed.) ... Between the Lines: Poems on the Dart
Desmond Hogan ... The Edge of the City: A Scrapbook 1976-91
Bruce Arnold ... Swift: An Illustrated Life 1667-1745
Tom Phelan ... In the Season of the Daisies
Thomas Bartlett (Ed.) ... Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone
J.P. Donleavy ... The Onion Eaters
Judy Kravis & Peter Morgan ... Lives Less Ordinary: Thirty-Two Irish Portraits
Robert Lynd. Edited and introduced by Sean McMahon ... Galway of the Races
Benedict Kiely ... And As I Rode by Granard Moat
J.B Lyons ... What Did I Die Of?
Denis Sampson ... Outstaring Nature's Eye
Arthur Power ... Conversations with James Joyce
Robin Flower ... Poems and Translations
Jane Fallon ... Throttle Full Open: A Life of Lady Bailey, Irish Aviatrix
John Hughes ... Bright Bewildering Green
Timothy O'Neill ... Airy Plumeflights - A beginner's guide to Celtic script and design
Angus Mitchell (Ed.) ... The Amazon Journal of Roger Casement
Mary Carbery & Jeremy Sandford ... Mary Carbery's West Cork Journal
Averil Swinfen ... Forgotten Stones
John Wilson Foster ... The Achievement of Seamus Heaney
Donal Ryan ... The Spinning Heart
Shevawn Lynam ... Humanity Dick Martin 'King of Connemara' 1754-1834
Flower, Robin ... The Irish Tradition
Asenath Nicholson. Maureen Murphy (Ed.) ... Annals of the Famine in Ireland
Peter Somerville-Large ... Irish Eccentrics: A Selection
Donnchadh O Corrain & Fidelma Maguire ... Irish Names
James Joyce ... Dubliners
Robert O'Byrne ... Mind Your Manners: A Guide to Good Behaviour
Walter Savage Landor. Edited and introduced by Maurice Craig ... W.S.Landor, One Hundred Poems
E. Estyn Evans. Foreword by Paul Durcan ... The Personality of Ireland: Habitat, Heritage and History
Sean Rothery ... Ireland and the New Architecture 1900-1940
Tim Robinson ... Stones of Aran: Pilgrimmage (eBook only)
Edited by Breandan & Ruairi O hEithir  ... An Aran Reader
Marie-Louise Legg  (Ed.) ... The Synge Letters. Bishop Edward Synge to His Daughter Alicia, Roscommon to Dublin 1746-1752
Hubert Butler. Foreword by Dervla Murphy ... Grandmother and Wolfe Tone
Hubert Butler ... In The Land of Nod
Tim Robinson ... Stones of Aran: Labyrinth
Hubert Butler. Foreword by Roy Foster ... The Children of Drancy
Paolo Tullio ... Mushroom Man
Rory O'Connor ... Gander at the Gate
Edited & Introduced by S.E Wilmer ... Beckett In Dublin
Brendan McWilliams ... Weather Eye
John Button (Ed) ... The Best of Resurgence: A Selection From The First Twenty-Five Years
Agnes Bernelle ... The Fun Palace: An Autobiography
Richard Douthwaite. Foreword by Edward Goldsmith ... The Growth Illusion How Economic Growth has Enriched the Few, Impoverished the Many, and Endangered the Planet
J.P. Donleavy ... The Unexpurgated Code
W.J. McCormack (Ed.) ... In The Prison of his Days: A Miscellany for Nelson Mandela on his 70th Birthday
W.B. Yeats ... John Sherman & Dhoya
John O'Meara ... The Singing-Masters
Paolo Tullio ... North of Naples, South of Rome
Ninette de Valois ... Come Dance With Me - A Memoir 1898-1956
Edited by Raymond Gillespie & Gerard Moran ... Longford Essays in County History
J.P. Donleavy ... Wrong Information is Being Given Out at Princeton (eBook only)
Peter Ross. Foreword by Ulick O'Connor ... All Valiant Dust: An Irishman Abroad
Thomas Colville Scott. Edited & Introduced by Tim Robinson ... Connemara after the Famine: Journal of a Survey of the Martin Estate, 1853
Louis Cullen ... The Hidden Ireland: Reassessment of a Concept
Lawrence J. Taylor ... Occasions of Faith: An Anthropology of Irish Catholics
David Fine ... The Beat: Life on the Streets
Melosina Lenox-Conyngham (Ed.) ... Diaries of Ireland: An Anthology 1590-1987
Joan de Vere ... In Ruin Reconciled
Charles Bewley ... Memoirs of a Wild Goose
R. Dudley Edwards and Desmond T. Williams (Eds). Introduction and bibliography by Cormac O'Grada ... The Great Famine Studies in Irish History 1845-52
Alannah Heather ... Errislannan: Scenes from a Painter's Life
Maurice Craig ... The Elephant and the Polish Question
Anthony Cronin ... Dead as Doornails
John Wyse Jackson & Hector McDonnell ... Ireland's Other Poetry: Anonymous to Zozimus
Michael Kirby ... Skelligside
Sinead McCoole ... Hazel: A Life of Lady Lavery
Flann O'Brien ... Rhapsody in Stephens Green/The Insect Play
Ross Skelton ... Eden Halt: An Antrim Memoir
David M. Kiely ... A Night in the Catacombs
Fergus Mulligan ... William Dargan: An Honourable Life (1799-1867)
Desmond Hogan ... The Leaves on Grey
Elske Rahill ... Between Dog and Wolf
William King ... Leaving Ardglass
Joseph Hone ... Wicked Little Joe
Ciaran Carty ... Intimacy With Strangers: A Life of Brief Encounters
Adrian Frazier ... Hollywood Irish. John Ford, Abbey Actor and the Irish Revival in Hollywood
Elizabeth, Countess of Fingall ... Seventy Years Young: Memories of Elizabeth, Countess of Fingall
Seamas O Siochain ... Roger Casement: Imperialist, Rebel, Revolutionary
William King ... Is That All There Is?
R.B. McDowell ... McDowell on McDowell: A Memoir
John A. Ryan ... Mo'soor. Song of the Road
Sorj Chalandon; Ursula Meany Scott ... Return to Killybegs
Mark Macauley ... The House of Slamming Doors
Michael Harding ... Bird in the Snow
Hector McDonnell ... Ireland's Other History
Desmond Hogan ... The Ikon Maker
Mary O'Donoghue ... Before The House Burns
Richard O'Rawe ... Afterlives: the Hunger Strike and the Secret Offer that Changed Irish History.
David Fitzpatrick ... Solitary and Wild: Frederick MacNeice and the Salvation of Ireland
Hubert Butler ... Escape from the Anthill
John Wyse Jackson & Hector McDonnell ... Dublin's Other Poetry
Marjorie Quarton ... Part-Time Writer: Notes & Reflections
Barbara Hayley & Enda McKay (Eds.) ... 300 years of Irish Periodicals
Kevin Barry (Ed.) ... Traces of Peter Rice
Maurice Craig ... Cats & Their Poets : An Anthology
David Fitzpatrick ... Terror in Ireland 1916-1923
John Moriarty ... Dreamtime: Revised Edition
Ed. Brendan O'Donoghue ... A Moriarty Reader
Richard McNeff ... With Barry Flanagan: Travels Through Time and Spain
Walter Ellis ... The Caravaggio Conspiracy
Kevin Power ... Bad Day In Blackrock
Hubert Butler ... Ten Thousand Saints: A Study in Irish and European Origins
Elaine Crowley ... Cowslips and Chainies
Mike Scott ... Mike Scott: Adventures of a Waterboy
Lingard Goulding ... Your Children are not your Children: The Story Of Headfort School
Adrian Kenny ... Portobello Notebook
Eoin O'Brien ... The Weight of Compassion and Other Essays
Alison Maxwell and Shay Harpur ... Jammet's of Dublin
Sorj Chalandon ... My Traitor
Flann O'Brien ... Myles Away From Dublin
Flann O'Brien ... Myles Before Myles
Edited by Kathy Gilfillan ... Trinity Tales: Trinity College Dublin in the Seventies
John Moriarty ... Nostos

the lilliput press
Eric Craigie ... An Irish Sporting Life

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